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Thread: reloading for the .270

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    reloading for the .270

    I am planning on reloading for my .270 soon, just after a bit of advice from the more experienced reloaders as to what will be a good powder and bullet to start of with for roe/red? I was thinking bullet wise nosler partition? I have the dies and my mate said i can use his stuf to nock up some rounds just a bit stuck on which powder to use? any info would be great, thanks,


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    Hi Mo,
    If you look up .270 in the reloading section there is loads on the subject regards powders etc,
    I use H4350, with either Nosler Partition or Sierra pro hunters both in 130gr and 150gr.
    but the main issue might be getting hold of powder there is a shortage.


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    Hi Mo,

    I use 60gr of H4831 with 130gr Sierra Game kings. This load is more than adequate for all deer that the UK has to offer. I have a box of Nosler accubonds ready for a trial (only one).

    The Sierra's are about 20 a box of 100 compared to the Nosler partitions at 50plus.

    Please let me know how you get on - I'm interested to know if the partitions are worth the extra wonga.



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    I use 130grn, Barnes TSX BT, Nosler Accubond or Sierra gameking SP's all excellent bullets but my favourites are the Accubonds; best powders I have found are N160 and H4350 anything from 50-53 grains. I usee CCi BR4 primers and Norma brass.


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    I have shot most Deer species with this load and the 140gr Hornady spire-point also is just as accurate and efficient but prints about one inch higher on the target.
    I normally use Norma brass. [ I have tweaked it over since firing the group below.]

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    Mo, Subject to your rifle liking a particular diet, I would also support the use of 130 grain Nosler Partitions over H4831, top central, off the bench @ 100yds, lower right, off sticks.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    finbear thats not to shabby! I may just give the partitions a try with the h4831 providing my rifles likes it etc. Thanks guys for the info, Mo

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    I'm shooting 130gr sierra prohunters pushed along by 59.5grs of H4381SC through my sako 85.Shot everything from rabbits to wild boar with them with no problems.

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