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Thread: Memorable moments from the field

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    Memorable moments from the field

    About 20 years ago I was walking back to the farm with a empty O/U shotgun over my shoulder. A blue tit came out of the hedge and perched on the stock inches from my face. My old boy was with me. We will never forget it. No camera phones in those days though! What events do you lads treasure the most?

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    A couple of years ago I was on a friends place sat up in a highseat. There was not much happening on the deer front but there was a barn owl hunting the pasture field the seat over looked. I guess there was not much happening on the mouse or vole front either as I did not see the owl catch anything. He must of got board as well as he came and pearched on the shooting rail and stayed there for about 10 minutes.

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    I was up a high seat watching a combine cutting, waiting for anything to come out. The high seat was one of those shooting box type things without a roof but it did have top rails above the shooting slits. There was a break in cutting so I decided to do a bit of squeaking to see if I could entice anything. Next minute a large brownish owl (tawny perhaps? I'm no RSPB expert!) appeared from nowhere and landed on the rail slightly to the left of my head. Don't know who was more surprised - it or me! Needless to say it flew off in a hurry!

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    I had similar with a little owl a while back! More recently though, about 2 months ago in fact, I was sat in a high seat with not much to look at above a recently drilled maize field. Suddenly something burst out of the bushes below me making me jump! A smallish rabbit ran out into the field right in front of me with a large stoat bounding after it. He was much quicker than the stoat but made the mistake of trying to put a turn in and wallop! Mr stoat nailed it about 20m in front of me. I watched it through my leicas which made it seem so close that I was almost involved! He (or she?) bit the back of the neck and after a momentary squeal it was all over. It then chose to carry it at head height right across to the other side of the field to my front, about 80m. Bloody strong little animals! Made my night!

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    Was in a high seat in a woodland clearing waiting for a Roe buck to put in an apperance. We were there for about 3hrs and only saw a couple of this years fawns pop in and a doe. We were just about to pack up the binos were in the bag anod getting ready to open the door and leave, when I spotted some movement the other side of the clearing (90yrd ish). I put the rifle to the sholder to use the scope to see a bit better what was the casue of the movement, the leaves moved again and then, this bloody great big female moose steps perfectly into the cross hairs. Out of season, so no shot but we watched a while and then left. Didn't fire a shot all day but had a great time.

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    1. Another owl experience - during this year's rut I was sitting in a high seat overlooking a field of pasture. A little owl came and landed on the rifle rail about 18 inches away. It sat there looking at me, with a mouse in its beak, for about 20 seconds before it flew to the next tree. Absolutely magical.

    2. Seeing a wallaby in a field in Berkshire and subsequently having it come crashing through the woods whilst stalking

    3. Lying in the sunshine in Sutherland watching a group of stags through the scope for almost two hours before one of them kindly got up to present a shot. The time flew past, as there was so much to watch in terms of the deer's behaviour.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I have had the same thing happen twice.
    Stalking close to large hedges, when from nowhere 'crash' the blackthorn bush by my side explodes with feathers, as a Sparrow Hawk smashes in and takes an unsuspecting Blackbird
    Also on the same farm, while in a high seat, another or maybe the same bird, settled on a branch about 10 feet away.
    We looked at one another for several long seconds untill I had to blink, which was enough for him to decide I wasn't part of the tree a flew off.

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    Interesting to hear so many owl stories. They seem to like high seats. Then again they like the high points don't they. There's a old park on my beat thats a favourite for foxes. I was calling one night when some bright eyes appeared about 150 yards away. As they came closer they rose steadily Strange fox I thought. As it turned out it was a barn owl which came right in till it hovered for a second or two 5 or 6 feet above us. Between us all there are a wealth of experiences most of which will never leave us. Thanks for your thoughts chaps.

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    I thought it was an otter when I first noticed it, but a bit too skinny. It was about 150yds away and it seemed too big for a stoat. It kept get closer and I still hadn't twigged. It carried it's head too high for an otter but it was moving sort of like one. The heather in the ride I was looking down made it hard to tell exactly what I was seeing. By now a Buck or a Stag could have made an appearance and I would probably not have seen it because this fascinating "thing" had my full attention as it kept darting between tussocks and heather in the improving light of an early morning in the high seat. Eventually it was about ten yards away and stepped out into the open on short grass. It was my first sighting of a Pine Marten and it was standing, head held high staring at me. Anyone who sits in high seats will know that the animals on the ground rarely look up at you, this one was definitely checking me out though, and then it was gone!!

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    Stalking the small copse on my permission just off Ashdown Forrest the was a rush of air and a brush to my arm. it was a Sparrow Hawk hunting it's patch. It flew about 15 yards the set upon a dead Birch stump and was looking at me bobbing it's head. I had froze when it came past.

    Same small patch I was hunting the Greys as they cause problems for the small holder and her neighbour so had the .22 rifle. had baited a few stumps and starting at the bottom was working through the copse toward the bait when there was a rustle behind me. That's a big rabbit I thought so slow turned the head. My eye met those of a rather nice 6 point Roe Buck who was following me. Once it saw my face it whipped round and bounded off the way it had come.

    Sitting in a high seat with the keeper on his lease in Hampshire we had a grey squirrel climb the tree just in front and actually try to reach the rifle barrel as it stuck out at rest Trouble is polished black steel does not provide much purchase and Cliff the keeper final snorted trying to hold the giggles in and it shot off back up the tree to chatter away at us laughing at it's antics.

    Had a Barn owl actually fly into the sound mod on the .22 rifle which was slung on the shoulder when stalking a plantation for rabbits in Scotland on holiday. f course didn't catch rabbit but came face to face with the biggest roe Buck I have ever seen at about 25 paces and i only had a .22 L/R.

    Watching for the fallow to come up the gully across the neighbours land onto my bit. To d so had to climb into the base of a beech tree to see over the hump in the middle of the field and had two Roe come up behind and stamp at me. They were close enough to poke with my old fishing rod. When I turned my head to see what it was they started and ran up the hedge to stop some 60 yards away but made the mistake of stopping my side and I dropped on of them.

    Not stalking but bird watching with a friend at Pulborough Brooks in Sussex. One hide often has a herd of fallow to be seen so I went there to watch both birds and deer. Whilst watching the deer a barn owl started it's hunting and about half way across the field was suddenly knocked down by being struck in the back by Kestrel.

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