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Thread: Floor plate conversion on an old rifle.

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    Floor plate conversion on an old rifle.

    Not to hijack Topguns thread on floor plate conversion too much...

    I have an old 308 Sako L579 hunting rifle that I got handed down from my father.
    This rifle had been a dud from day one...40 years of misery. A few years ago I had the rifle rebarreled by Roedale with a 22" Lothar Walther 1450 sporter Barrel. I recently also spent huge ammount of work in fitting it to one of our ultra light carbon fiber stocks and bedded it with my creation of a lightweight bedding material. Rifle is now light and accurate. This year I took part in 2 300yd competitions annoying a few TRG's, BR and F-class rigs...with a light hunting rifle

    Only one problem left, the rifle has always had problems feeding from the floor plate mag box. Two days a go I neck shot a spike that was in high grass, just to be ready in case he would get up again I wanted to rack another round, just wouldn't cycle. Deer had it's feet in the air so it was ok....but what about next time?
    A similar problem on my new remmy 243 was sorted with an aftermarket mag system that uses AI magazines.
    Spoke to Pete Lincoln yesterday how one could either make a bottom metal for the L579 to take AI mags or maybe reshape an existing one. Pete had a very good idea that we will check out over the next few weeks. We could insert a small metal plate into the stock to take the load of the front and maybe rear action screws and hold the barrelled action in the stock. Then with seperate screws fit an existing aftermarket bottom metal mag system from either the T3, Howa or Remmy 700.
    I'm looking forward to sorting this problem once and for all.
    If this works it could be a way of fixing bad "bottom feeders" even if they have out dated actions.
    I'll take some pictures once we get going on this project. What she looks like now.

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    Ed, where do I need to look on the net to see some of your stuff?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Heres the website Edi is a pleasure to deal with, kept me informed and sent photos of the various stages of my stock, asked what weight i wanted, how much stippling etc Not cheap but worth every penny .

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    Hi Fin, PM sent.
    one or two little projects are posted on here in the past.
    This one is a few years old, Ruger that didn't shoot well.
    Since then the owner has taken many deer with it and is very happy.

    This Sako is also just to make myself a better or more reliable stalking rifle.

    Thanks Rooster, pleasure dealing with you.

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    Edi its good to see some one getting of thier arses and making high quality stocks here in Europe.
    I am sick to death, absolutely sick to my back teath of dealing with US manufacturers. I just picked up 16 stocks from the customs this morning ( supposed to be 17 so 1 is adrift) that have taken 18months (longest order 18 - shortest 12 month ) to arrive from the USA.
    Had you been manufacturing stocks when these US models where ordered,. I know for a fact I would have 17 happy rifle owners, rather than 17 pissed of with still waiting customers.
    I know you are only in the start up phase, but what ive seen of your stocks so far they are excellent quality. Once you get a few more models on the go you will be very busy.
    I would urge anyone wanting an aftermarket stock, be they gunsmith or end user, to seriously consider PSE Composites as thier 1st port of call.
    By working with Edi we will get what we want and need without having to fart about waiting for export permits and the poor cousin treatment.

    Well done and keep on Edi !!!!

    by the way.. back on track. you can fit mag systems to other actions fairly easy, ive fitted plenty of Badger systems supposedly for Rem 700's to all sorts of Howa's before I finaly made my own for the Howa. I can easliy get the Howa or Tikka unit to fit a Sako 75 and a bunch of other actions.
    getting the mag system to fit is the easy bit, messing about with the stock inlet is the messy bit.

    regards Pete

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    Hmmn, wonder if Thar has any ideas around a box mag conversion for the Howa 7mm WSM, You lot should get together & shut the door on the elongated wait for U.S. gun parts!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    7wsm, thats easy.

    ive 25 mag systems and about 80 WSM mags on shelf ready to go. ( max AOL 2.98")

    if you realy want to get absolute maximum OAL with the longest of match bullets then i'd suggest a long action howa and long action mag system ( about 4 weeks out) and a .300winmag AICS magazine,. max AOL 3.65"

    if you want the absolute max AOL in a short action howa, without a detachable mag its easy to extend the internal box and machine the nose in front of the trigger away to get max AOL of about 3.1" this is ok for , 6.5x284, 6.5x55 and the WSM's

    by doing the same on the long actions you can get a .338 lapua in there ( have to open the bolt face though, and dont forget to open the rear of the barrel to accept the wider arc of extractor pivot.

    regards Pete

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    I built a 7 WSM that feeds on standard length WSM action with 180 Berger OAL was 2.800" I recall - used AICS mags with a slight mod.

    The rifle in question made 3150 FPS no problem and exceptional accuracy. (although it did have a 30 inch barrel as it was F Class orientated over stalking)

    Pete, if you want the reamer print # let me know (although I suspect you already know it)


    rifle looks well, like the web site by the way.
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    Hi Andy, the mod would be removing the plate at the front and adjusting the lips to suit wsm eh?
    accurate magazine mags come ready set for wsm and have no front plate to remove. OAL is 2,98" any more and they catch and jam.
    id personaly go with the short wsm action and have the chamber to suit the mag (like you did) rather than go with the long action, but either is workable.

    rgds Pete

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    Thanks Pete & Andy,
    my a bit patchy at the moment.
    Hopefully move house soon.

    I checked the remmy mag system, could go on the sako at a push, would
    need to make a long hole at the rear.
    I'll compare to the T3 and howa before we go ahead with one of them.


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