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    Anyone brought a firearm from Auction. Any do's and don'ts? There is an action on in London this month with some interesting looking rifles and shotguns.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Vat if applicable and loo out for high percentage auction fees. I have bidded but not won. he winning bid was cheap for the beretta lightweight but by the time vat and auction fees were added it was over what you would have paid on guntrader with a retail comeback,

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    Be very, very careful - there are some real dogs that do the rounds at auctions. Inspect the gun carefully before contemplating bidding and remember that you'll have approx 20% auction fee, vat and a transfer fee if you can't collect in person. Figure 50% on top of winning bid and you'll have some change in your pocket.

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    scotsgun has said it all.

    im a bidder as well at the same auction.

    ive bid in the past and not won.

    all the best and keep us posted about how you get on.
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