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Thread: colouring a mod

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    colouring a mod

    i have a stainless northstar moderator and just wondered the best thing to use to colour ie black

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    just coloured my old A-TEC Mod with Green Plasti-kote as yet it is fine it is fitted to my .300 Win -Mag

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    get a black neoprene cover for it

    flea bay

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    try jagersa on here, seems to be able to colour anything, any colour you want and seems a bloody good chap too

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    I have a Northstar. To cover it I bought a camouflage neoprene sleeve designed for the barrels of a d/b 12bore.

    It's a tight fit, and you have to roll it on in a way that reminds me of my younger days; although clearly it isn't quite as embarrassing if it goes wrong and you have to start again.

    There are two further important differences:
    first, you cut the sleeve in half lengthways, so you get two for the price of one and
    second, it acts as a heat-shield, so if you get in a bunch of hinds, you don't get heat-haze interrupting the fourth (and fifth, even) shot. Hmmmmm. I imagine a layer of paint would still let a fair amount of heat through.

    Happy days!
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    Dalua, funny, more detail than I really needed to hear.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Innuendo-free version

    I have a Northstar. To cover it I bought a camouflage neoprene sleeve designed for the barrels of a d/b 12bore.

    It's a tight fit, so you have to roll it on. However, this means that it is unlikely to fall off; and as a bonus, the barrel-cover when cut in half across its length makes two mod covers.

    Also, it acts as a heat-shield. This means that if you get the chance to shoot a number of beasts in quick succession, your later shots will not be impaired by heat-haze from the mod. I'm not sure that a paint-job would do this as effectively.

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    I tried thin black shrink wrap on my Pess, didn't work out to well


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    I have a northstar and painted it black with stove paint, you can get it from b&q.... you just spray it, let it dry and put it in the oven for 20 mins to cure.... it turned out mint!

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    Jagersport coated my Nothstar with cerakote - very durable, quick turnaround time and a reasonable cost.

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