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Thread: hello from sunny fife

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    hello from sunny fife

    good morning
    after having a good look at the forums on this site i relised i had not introduced myself before posting. i am fairly new to stalking and i have had my level 1 for 18 months and just got my firearms about 6 months ago. i use a 243 sako 75 stainless synthetic and a brno 22 i also load all of my own 243 bullets. most of my stalking is roe done around fife and perthshire but fully intend to get in to the higher ground and the hinds before the year is out .

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    Smudge are you sure?? Sunny Fife :-), hows the Sako am currently looking for a .243. Whats the trigger like mate.

    Regards Graeme

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    Welcome Smudge, you've joined a great community here. Keep posting and enjoy yourself,



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    hi bully
    trigger is good on my sako ! going to replace it with a blaser though ! replaced my 708 sako with one and liked it so the 243 is going the same way ! might try to get two 243s on my ticket as i would like to keep the sako since it is so acurate for a facrory rifle,
    atb smudge

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    I once heard that Dundee have more hours of sunlight than anywhere else in Scotland, hence the terming (by an Aussie mate of mine) of "The Scottish Riviera".

    I suppose Fife must bask in some of that reflected "glory"...

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