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Thread: isuzu trooper lwb 3ltr diesel

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    isuzu trooper lwb 3ltr diesel

    for sale my mates lwb isuzu trooper 3 ltr diesel, w reg (2000) mot 1 year 2months tax, 90k, tow bar ane electrics etc, good tyres, excellent condition.
    phone graham on 07977134371

    scottish borders , quick sale wanted... bargain 2500 ono

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    Hi Guys,
    I have owned one for several years same age and engine size. The Isuzu is excellent but make sure the vechicle has been recalled and inspected for a fault with the injection system, if not get it checked as the fuel and oil mix and can cause a over run of the engine which will blow the engine.

    I have had mine done twice under warranty by Isuzu but both times i noticed my oil level was rissing and contacted my dealer. The cost to me has been nothing and to be fair to Isuzu they have been excellent.

    I only wish they still did this model as i would have another one by now but keep going with the one i have got cause shes a excellent all round vechicle.


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    As Dalkur said make sure, the recalls have been done, Isuzu have been good up till now but that is changing,now they are only changing injectors below a certain serial no. if you have had them changed by them and they fail again within two years they will replace,if they have lasted more than two years you are on your own.

    Had injector go down outside specified period quoted 1800 to replace set by Isuzu they said it was not good practise to fit only one.

    Been told you can't fit s/h not true you can just a couple of things you need to be sure of there are two types of engine euro 2 and euro 3 the injectors look the same, but internals are different, if you can see the engine the injectors come from its OK the position of the throttle bodies a different.
    Also the injectors have a grading code on them if you can match the code they are a straight swop if not, the engine will run but that one injector could be putting out a richer or weaker mixture, this is not a major problem take it to an Isuzu dealer and they can code it in to the ECU takes about ten minutes

    I managed to buy s/h for 80 and fitted myself took me 4 hours and I am not a mechanic, you would need some mechanical understanding, but its not that difficult.
    Made the difference of still having the vehicle or scrapping it as spending 1800 on a vehicle of that age just was not economical.

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