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    Can anyone suggest a suitable marinade for roe chops? The BBQ season is with us!!


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    Yes Novice,
    Why noy try mixing a little bit of fresh cream, Dijion Mustard and brown sugar into a paste and spread it on the chops before BBQing. Works for me!

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    Seasoning only mate your working with a top rate meat and doesnt need any marinades IMHO. But in saying that buy a tub of mixed peppercorns crush and coat the chops with them. I have a personal thought regards quality meat, fish etc! And thats dont play with it keep it simple and let the meat do the talking on the plate. However after my time in the kitchens I realise that my last statement, 99% of people dont want that. Try smoking it instead with hickory now that is very tastey even venison sauages are fantactic done like that.

    I use these from bushwear
    And have had good feedback!


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    After saying dont play with venison i have actually done that!! My missus bent my ear summit terrible. Morrisons are doing dry marinades 2 for a quid. I bought the BBQ and chinese and made koftas with a lb of minced venison, breadcrumbs, an egg and a pack of the marinade. As always I fry a little of to try and it is fantastic. I think its the same stuff you get on ribs and chops from the butcher. Well worth a go.


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