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Thread: Fancy a change,(downsizing)

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    Fancy a change,(downsizing)

    Hi, I am currently using a sako 75 .270 but I am strongly thinking of downsizing to a .243. Primarily due to the fact that its 95% roe on the place I shoot with the odd red knocking about. I was just wondering what everyones general opinion on this was as I am fairly new to stalking. I was thinking about picking up an older tikka 595 or similar or possibly and older sako and potentially rebarreling the gun?

    My first question is whether or not going from a sako 75 to a tikka 595 is a step down in rifle quality or not?

    My other one was...if I was lucky enough to find an older sako, if its shot out and has a battered stock will the rifle be worth buying for using the action? I was thinking I could put a new barrel on it and a new stock, (probably for cheaper than getting something like a sako 85) and actually end up with a better gun? How much would I be looking to spend if I was to purchase a tatty old rifle? I appreciate that these will always hold some value purely because they can be rebarreled ect.

    Sorry about all the questions but any help would be really apprecitaed!


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    Check the price of re-barreling

    And once you have picked yourself up off the floor have a cuppa and think it through carefully. Getting an older rifle does not mean it's going to be a dog that is shot out and had been dragged across a ploughed field behind a landrover. even a .243 with moderate care will last much longer than some "h-experts" claim. Oh it does not have to be tatty just because it's older. Oh and why would it need a new stock?

    I am beginning to get the drastic plastic feeling here .

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    Thanks for the reply! How much damage should I expect for putting a new barrel on the gun then? Is it worse than getting a new sako?

    ps ideally I would avoid a plastic stock if I could but at the same time some of the McMillan stocks are pretty nice looking

    Thanks again!

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    I have a Tikka M595 243 that has fired very little, you know you want to swap for that 75 of yours
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    Points to ponder.
    "The odd red knocking about." What weights do they go up to ? Do you get hinds in your patch and do stags compete for them there during the rut ?
    A lot depends upon the bullet you might use, but a big rutty stag might be a bit of a handful if not hit exactly in the right part of the engine room - or neck. Shot placement at certain times can be quite important to your post shot activities.

    For many years the only rifle I had was a .243 and it served for everything. I had no complaints about it despite the fact that I carried all sorts of larger medium bore calibres about for guests during the stag season, and used them all at times.
    Some people even claim that a .243 will create more carcass damage, but then I expect that it depends upon angle of shot and bullet type.
    One of the bigger assets for either calibre as regards finding what you might believe to be YOUR Roe cartridge, is the ability to reload for your rifle. I am a bit out of touch with factory cartridges these days as I have been reloading for a long number of years, but I'm sure that there will be someone on the forum who can inform you of what they believe to be a suitable factory round in either calibre.
    There will be those who will scoff and other who will sympathise, but at the end of the day, it's what suits you as regards how comfortable you are with your rifle, and how confident, in order to produce constant good shooting.
    There must be plenty excellent second-hand rifles out there as quite a number of stalkers - part-time and professional - like to change and try something new every so often, so it's not always a case of getting rid of a worn-out rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CZ452 View Post
    Thanks for the reply! How much damage should I expect for putting a new barrel on the gun then? Is it worse than getting a new sako?

    ps ideally I would avoid a plastic stock if I could but at the same time some of the McMillan stocks are pretty nice looking

    Thanks again!
    Steve Kershaw quoted someone whilst I was there to re-barrel a Sako that had been left wet and the chamber had rusted inside so it was knackered. I mean deep pits that jammed the rifle up when a new factory round was fired as the case filled the pits and locked the bolt shut. The quote was if memory serves 600-650. Border barrels it's about 700. Noman Clark charges about the same. You need to check with them and check costs.

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    A mate of mine has just had his Tikka 695 (I'm almost certain it's a 695) rebarrelled with a factory Browning barrel for a lot less than that. And unless you want to competition shoot with it a factory barrel will be plenty accurate enough for stalking.

    I can't remember who did it but it's a company who take a lot of rifles for their actions and rebarrel them for keen shooters who feel that the factory barrels aren't up to it. So they're often left with unfired barrels to get rid of!

    Sorry it's a bit vague but if you do take that route send me a PM and I'll give my mate a ring to get you more details. I'm sure he paid under 400 fitted and proofed.

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    If the reason you are changing from a .270 to a 243 is simply because you are using it mostly for roe then what is wrong with a .270? if it's a recoil thing then spending some cash on some reloading kit and working up a bit milder load would be another approach, same thing if it's down to meat damage. if you just fancy a change then or having a go a building a semi custom rifle then if your like me, nothing anyone on here says will change your mind. By the time you buy a shot out Sako and re barrel it and re stock it you will be getting very close to the price of a new Sako. I started with a .270 and have swapped around and changed calibres over the years but i have now ended up with the same 3 calibres that i started with .22lr .223 .270 I dread to think what it's cost me to swap rifles and calibres over the years just to end up back where i started.
    Have fun, Ezzy

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    What I would like to ask is, How on initial examination would a rifle be declared shot out?......... you would need the original owner to tell you that was what was wrong, or spend some considerable time trying to group with it, or maybe take the word of a gunsmith who has the borescopes & the related knowledge to declare a bore as trash, I have personally been down this route, & would never bin a rifle on someone elses say so, many shot out rifles have been brought back to at least m.o.a. capable, some even better, with very little work.
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    Like a few of the other members have said I would keep the 270. You could get a moderator for it, in which case it will recoil as a 243 and probably improve accuracy wise. Or as mentioned if you homeload make up some reduced loads, you dont need to be running the 270 full whack. Any of the "big" rounds 270, 308, 30-06 can be downloaded, it's harder to get the smaller rounds to do a job above them.

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