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Thread: RWS .22 rimfire ammo

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    RWS .22 rimfire ammo

    Evening all,anybody notice RWS rimfire ammo doesn't do what it says on the tin? i usually use Eley hollow point for bunnies but couldn't get any so tried the RWS,Whilst i found it resonably accurate in my rifle,it just didn't stop the bunnies like the Eley's, the rounds are going straght through and the bunnies are running on, i recon the bullets may be made of a "harder" lead so are not expanding as well,I thought it might be me but a mate of mine that shoots circa 5-6000 bunnies a year recons he moved away from RWS for the same reason, any thoughts ?

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    I use eleys but local gun shops are out of stock for some reason.I think there's a national shortage. Try winchesters theyre the next best thing.

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    I like RWS but only use the subsonic, they are the only subsonic that will recycle 100% in my semi auto without jamming.

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    remingtons are made by eley now tried some the other day for squirrel worked really well.

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    Didn't know Eley were now supplying Remmington - the remmy rounds used to be awful....

    I'm a devoted Eley user but can't find any at present...


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    A friend of mine shoots RWS Geco for practice at an indoor range, the club is used mostly for atrget shooting.They just received a new batch of about 10,000 but its very in accurate and believe they are sending it back. It's that bad.


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    Used Winchester Super X for years. They at least work well in my old Winchester under-lever.

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    I hope Remington subs are being made by Eley now. The domestic production is crap. I tested three lots of them once and got extreme spreads of 145 fps. Couldn't hit an inch reliably at 25M.~Muir

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    Subsonic Winchesters are accurate out of two different rifles that I know - with a moderator, one being a Sako and the other being a CZ which is a bit rough and ready. (I took the trigger mechanism apart and stoned it down so it's a bit better now but the bolt action is dog-rough). The Winchesters kill very effectively, but I cannot compare them with the Eleys as I have not had any for a long time

    I watched two crows circle a rabbit I had just killed across a small valley. One landed and began walking across to the free meal so I held 4 inches above and it too went to the happy hunting grounds.

    I was never impressed with RWS in either HV or sub-sonic and it seems that nothing has changed there. I always did best with hollow point Winchesters at both speeds, and that goes back 38 years when I owned a single shot BSA for which I made scope mounts out of old iron telephone pole struts and mounted a little air rifle scope sight.
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    RWS .22 rimfire ammo

    Hi all,thanks for replying,with regards to bootnecks comments on geko's, ive tried them on a range,i call them rice crispies,they snap crackle and pop, some are quiet, some crack like CCI stingers or any high velocity round, i know they are cheap but they defeat the object of using a mod? although they wernt bad for accuracy in my anschutz 1416


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