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Thread: Heard the first roar tonight.

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    Heard the first roar tonight.

    Thats the forestry fellas starting again, just been out with the dogs and heard one at the end of my drive, hopefully the hill ones wont be far behind now.

    Anyone else heard one?
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    Nothing yet still in bachelor herds and right on the tops.

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    still up high in sutherland (mostly)

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    down in norfolk , the hind numbers are growing near my patch , only seen the 1 big stag so far and a couple of spikers but there are a heap of hinds !

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    Westcountry, Exe Valley area: Stags are breaking up with the big fellas on the move and starting to get near the hind groups. The youngsters are wanding around aimlessly like spare pr*cks at a wedding, (which I guess they are at the moment! ), but no sign or sound of any serious activity as yet. Day and night time temperatures are high at the moment and forecast to continue for a while, so I think it unlikely for anything to start happening in the coming week.

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    Shot a big black stinking stag with a poor head from amongst a small group of hinds last Wednesday. There was another stag with them earlier in the day but no roaring.

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    So far ,A bit of throat clearing and young stags getting less comfortable together just starting to split a bit. Some more high pressure and frosty mornings would help it get going . Highland perthshire

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    Any more news. Was in Suffolk over last weekend, and nothing at all.( Really only want to get this back at the top!!)

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    One in the woods, no one answering him (Inverneness-shire)

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    Nothing happening down here yet. A coupla of young prickets and an ol' boy on the outer fringes but as Orion said just wandering about like SP's........
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