I've just had some really cool success with brushcutting allong my stalking lines up in Sutherland.

In summer I had been out with DL and he had sent me up a strimmed path that would otherwise have been overgrown. It was easy quiet walking and a buck was knocked over in minutes. When I went over onto the natural stuff It was loud and brushy which was a hassle by comparison. The deer would hear me at a much greater distance so I thought I'd get some done on mine.

I first cut about 400m last week and with the wind right I stalked up it yesterday. On the path there was fresh sign everywhere and I was clear that a fair few deer were using it to move up and down the open ground beside the plantations. The best of it was with the droppings left on the path I could see that some big stuff was about. The rain arrived at the wrong time and so I bailed out and did more cutting in the afternoon. If the weather had been settled I'm sure I would have connected in the morning.

Maybe those few hours strimming will pay off next time but the deer appreciate it anyway