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    rem lvsf

    hi guys
    does any of you know how much it would take to put a mag into a rem 700 lvsf in 243 i am con sidering buying one but i dont like the blind mag if any of you trade boys can do this let me know a price
    thankyou for your help

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    I changed the stock as well, it is now in a Hogue black rubber, pillar bedded stock and now and again, for fun, I put it in a painted laminated stock as in the picture.
    I cannot remember the cost but it wasn't a lot. I got the trigger guard and floor plate off E Bay.

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    If you have the HS Precision stock, you could buy the HS Precision mag system that gives a flush fitting drop out mag - the cost is around 300 -the last time I bought one.

    They are a drop in fit (bottom metal and magazine)

    You could buy a replacement bottom metal from SYSS and and AICS mag (which will give an extended drop out mag) which would be circa 250 (I think)

    I am pretty certain there are other options available - these are the ones I have experience of - if you dont like the drop down floorplate you could also replace with the Remington drop out mag system, but that would require inletting the stock and TBH its ugly.

    The floorplate system works well for stalking rifles (IMHO)

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    I presume you have the black injection moulded plastic stock, or?
    No opening on the bottom.
    Might not be worth it trying to fiddle with that.
    Get a different stock and (as Redmist said) either an original remington mag system or
    one of the aftermarket systems like SYSS or Roedale.
    I fitted a Roedale system to my 243 remmy, that transformed the rifle. No more jamming.

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    thanks for the advice lads

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