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Thread: Newbie from Warwickshire

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    Newbie from Warwickshire

    Hi all,

    Been registered on here for a while now, and up-to now no posts.
    Most of my time is spent Pigeon shooting, Foxing & Fly fishing. I have SGC & Section 1.

    I've just come back from a long week end in Scotland where i had my first Red - in fact it was my first ever Deer, now seriously got the bug so looking to learn what i can and progress.

    I have around 2000 acres of my own permission some of which has Roe and Munjac on however not taken any to date, as i want to get some DMQs under my belt & have a better understanding of what i want to pursue.



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    Welcome, best of luck grassing the deer.

    "Port Stick Prepare For Action!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DL View Post
    Welcome, best of luck grassing the deer.

    "Port Stick Prepare For Action!"

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