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Thread: Forest of Dean Cull

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    Forest of Dean Cull

    I heard today that they have unsurprisingly decided to cull the boar in the Forest of Dean. They do not appear to be going for total eradication (virtually impossible now anyway) and the cull will be of immature animals so that the matriarchal social structure is not damaged.

    It could be that any concerted culling pressure may just serve to spread them wider and more quickly than they already are.

    They also think that, having acknowledged the matriarchal society, the young boar are going to be lured away from the family groups to the "killing grounds" by food bait instead of following the matriarch which is presumably what a matriarchal society is all about - sounds like b*llsh*t to me!

    It is interesting that official estimates of numbers in Dean have increased from "50 or 60" to "more than 100." This is still ludicrously low but if it is true that only some immature animals are going to be culled, then boar population demographics suggest that the cull should only amount to maybe 20 animals - fat chance!!!

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    Are there any genuine reasons for the cull?? Other than they are there.

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    I think its more to do with public liability myself, some fat townie rambler might walk into a sow and have a heart attack!

    'Four legs good, two legs baaaaaaad'!

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    Saw the local paper headlines this week "All baby boar to be killed" when I passed through the forest.

    All very dramatic, but the reasoning behind it is unclear.

    Some parts of the forest have resident boar on the streets being treated as pets by the locals

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    i did read somewhere they were looking to cull a 100+
    just can't lay my hands on the article at present

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    I think that there is some confusion here as well as some misinformation from the powers that be.

    The local paper and BBC both reported that the cull was deemed necessary because boar have attacked and killed several dogs and chased people on horseback. They also cite the "aggressive" boar that had to be shot in a school playground. It's not surprising that this boar may have looked aggressive but apparently it only became aggressive when the marksman approached it - big surprise!!

    Shooting the immature boar will have little effect on this behaviour but I don't think this type of report is good for the tourist trade.

    Stone, the new estimate of boar numbers in the forest is "more than 100" I think that this is where your figure came from, not that they are going to cull 100, in fact no figure for the cull has been given and there is no suggestion that they are going to try and cull all the immature boar.

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    There is nothing like good journalism, and that is nothing like it! Iím opposed to having the boar culled in such large numbers; but those articles must have been written by an hysterical drama queen. Bloody press.

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    Sounds like another F.U.B.A.R on the horizon to me

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    This all comes under the Governments new legislation selection policy. It is run by the PIP, which has been running for quite a few years and is supported by a large number of the public. The PIP, did I say? It stands for Pricks In Press. Well they run a scaremonger type story, which they have invented or one they have blown out of all proportion, and this in turn is seized upon by every loony out there, gets more press attention and becomes Government policy by public demand.

    So that's how it works, the PIP get supported by every tree hugging, know nothing bath dodger out there, and it is all done in the name of this cotton wool society we live in. Democracy at Work, my arse!


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