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Thread: Bullets

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    I've been looking at bullets for my .243 and have hard some good things about the Barnes bullet range and have been recomended the Barnes Triple XXX.

    Has anybody used the Barnes Triple XXX bullet? Any comments on it preformance?

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    Barnes XXX

    Hi Jason

    I was talking to Steve Bowers (Shooting Times contributor and walking encyclopedia on all things ballistic) and mentioned about your question.

    He's used Barnes XXX successfully - but it was on bears in Canada! It's a very hard bullet, designed for penetration of big animals. In his view not suitable for any UK deer species because you'll be lucky to get any expansion on inpact and the bullet will sail on through.

    It'd be interesting to hear of anyone elses experiences...


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    Barnes Bullets

    For what it's worth, I know very little about these bullets, probably because no-one I know uses them.

    There's a reason the most often used brands are the most popular - they tend to work well.

    If you do use the Barnes XXX I'd be interested to hear what you think.



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    Dont know about barnes bullets, but for a good all round bullet in the UK on Roe Fallow etc i use Nosler ballistic tips, In the words of Ian Fleming, "delivery like a brick through a plate glass window"...... and as for weight whisper it..... 70 grains is plenty.

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    Cheer's guys.

    Have had some Barnes X bullets rolled for me to have a go with. Will let you know how I get on.

    Brian: How much meat damage do the ballistic tips do? I'm guessing that impact of a 70 grn bullet is prety explosive and must be like being hit by a bus.

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    Barnes Bullets

    Hi Jason

    Glad you found the Forum useful.

    Later this month we are 'officially launching' this site, so with a few press releases going to print (hopefully!) we should get a lot more stalkers online.

    Please keep coming back and contributing.


    Rob (Editor)

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    Hi Jason
    the carcass damage seems fine we send most of our deer to the game dealer and have never had any complaints. The 70 grain round has several advantages
    1. its very fast and hence flat giving you a wide range without much adjustment needed
    2. very safe, always fragments in the carcass so no chance of the bullet exiting and ending somewhere it shouldnt.
    3. For maximum knockdown energy to be transferred the round needs to stay in the carcass and that nearly always happen with this bullet.

    1. Not a good brushcutting round as it deflects very easily

    For anything bigger ie Red and Sika we use Hornady interlock 100gr partition bullets they hold together well enough to punch through heavy shoulder bone yet still defrom enough to do critical damage. my only concern over the Hornady round is if you only hit soft tissue the round goes straight through so much of the knockdown energy is lost

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    Barnes Bullets

    Ive used the Barnes tsx for the last year and a half in .308. To date i've taken a bull tahr,1 nanny tahr, 1 chamois and around 15 wallabies in Newzealand. plus 6 muntjac and 1 fox in this country all at ranges from 10yds to 350yds with no problems at all.

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    Iam a bit surprised to find so called experienced deer stalkers advocating the use of 70 and 80 gn bullets. Ok if your spot on range and angle wise you have a kill if not the consequences can be horrendous!! Bullet blows up on impact, huge surface wound, long agonising death for beast. People in the know stipulate 100 gn bullets for medium to large deer , they are right.!!!Roe can be killed cleanly with .22 centre fires if you are a marksman.

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    ballistic tips

    I am with roe buck on this.

    The 70 grain bullets are designed for foxing and the like.


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