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Thread: What scope for my .22LR?

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    What scope for my .22LR?

    I'm looking for a good reliable scope for my .22LR. Nothing fancy; just shooting bunnies out to 80 yards. I was thinking maybe a 3-9, or maybe even a fixed mag. Just something that will do the job well, but won't cost the earth either.

    Thanks in advance.

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    i would recomented the new zeizz duralyt very gud scope and price is gud too around 660 witch is fab very clear as gud as the 1700 scopes

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    Check the optics classifieds here. you should find something that will suit your needs.

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    I have 6x42s on mine: one Kahles and one Pecar.

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    Have a look at the MTC range...... they have some good reviews.

    I have one on my 22 and there good value for money.

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    Bushnell Banner 3-9x50 around 50/60 secondhand is all you will need. Mine has a heavy duplex ret.


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    I use a Nikon fixed 4X. Great clarity, inexpensive, and all one needs for a .22 in magnification... especially for off-hand shooting.~Muir

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    I've a neat wee 25 yearold Nikko Stirling 4x40 Gold Crown on my Czechoslovakian BRNO, zeroed at about 50 yds, serves very well. Bigger glass would probably make it very unwieldy, offhand, IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    I use a Nikon fixed 4X. Great clarity, inexpensive, and all one needs for a .22 in magnification... especially for off-hand shooting.~Muir
    I have to agree. I acquired a falcon 7.5x CSS scope to play with for the mil-dots and as it came in mounts that would go on the .22 BSA Supersport Five that's where it is right now. It's too cumbersome for off hand shooting. Normally is has an older Nikko Sterling Platinum 4x40 on it. Once i acquire some appropriate mounts the falcon will be moved to a centre fire rifle. now on the other .22 BSA Supersport five it has a 6-18x40AO Simmons competition (1/8 min clicks) Air Gun scope for target shooting.

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    Hey up i use an old 4x32 lesley hewlitt on my sako finnifire and its the best 22 combo i have shot with .Im not sure how these scopes are rated against others but mine is top quality clear , nice picture and at 4x mag its perfect for 60 -80 yards i zero it at 50 yards and can get 5 shots in a one inch diameter circle at that range the scope has been zeroed once and been bang on the button since .I also figured most of my 22 shooting was with a lamp so a big end lense to let in light wasnt an issue as shooting with a lamp theres plenty of light as aposed to dusk shooting when a 50 or 56 mm lense will gather in light

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