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    Zim Dollars

    Zim Dollars
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    Useful for all kinds of things, lighting a fire, target practice or if caught short in the bush wiping your a//e on

    Thats all they are worth

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    I used to follow Zimbabwe's economy and I remember reading an account of a Cheeseburger, Fries, and Coke selling for 80 Billion Zim.

    Look out world, that kind of inflation is coming! ~Muir

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    In African cultures it is usual for the groom to pay a bride price. I was at the wedding earlier this year down near Cirencester, the bride being a Zimbabwean and the groom did produce several inches of Zimbabwean Dollars - milion dollar notes I think - and gave these to the Bride's father along with a decent bottle of malt which was far more valuable.

    I have been caught twice in my life for speeding. The first was in 1992 in Zambia when I pulled over near the airport by a Zambian Police 5 series BMW with a speed gun - these had been donated by the German government as they thought Zambia had a serious porblme with speeding - the only decent road was to the airport - the rest max speed was 60kmh given the potholes. Any way the police I had been "cruising too fast" and that I was doing 100 kmh in a 50 kmh speed limit. After lots of long multiplication and refernece to the speeding offences manual - which still had the Northern Rhodesian Crest on it, they confirmed that I afaced a severe fine of 383 Kwacha or I could be taken to court and with poetnetialy a six month imprisonment. I did give this dutiful consideration and handed over a 500 Kwacha note to pay the fine. The 500 Kwacha note was the largest denomination note at the time and was the equivalnet to UK 1.

    The police officer took down my details, gave me receipt for the 500 Kwacha note but admitted he did not have any change with him. Give him his due, 3 days later he drives up to the house with my change!!!

    The second time was on the A9 - enough said.

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    This is worth 1000 trillion trillion(1000000000000000000000000000) (pre 2006) dollars . The dollar had devalued so much they had introduced the 'new' dollar which was now equivalent to 'only' 100 trillion dollars.
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    Reminds me when I got "caught speeding" in Belarus, radar said I was doing 100kph, I know I wasn`t I was doing 90kph,but the radar just had a 100kph sticker on the screen, wasn`t actually working, anyway after a lot of haggling,I got bit fed up as I had no Belarussian Roubles, so I asked "skolka deutschmark?"reply was "dva" (2) after all the haggling I paid the 60 pence fine, and had to waith 15 more mins whilst copper wrote ticket out and gave me a lecture....

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