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Thread: pastel drawings

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    pastel drawings

    just thaught i would share a picture im framing for someone she has been pastel drawing for a while now . these are so life like its unreal feel free to comment ,wayneClick image for larger version. 

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    Very nice, you would think it was a photo.

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    What can you say other than fantastic.
    At school i was always a bit of a dab hand drawing wildlife and stuff, and enjoyed it, but that is far beyond anything i could do.


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    Wow that is stunningly good, is she professional?

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    hi thanks for your comments ,she started drawing a while back and this is for her son as a present. i have mounted and framed three now a black lab and a horse and this one the picture does not do justice to how life like these are the noses and tongues look so soft and life like she has a real talent but is lacking in confidence so i thaught i would put this up on here for some feedback for her all the best,wayne

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    Very impressive, could I ask you to PM me with the ladies details, I would like to inquire about a commission of my Bavarian.

    Thank you

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    i will speak to her and send details on thanks,wayne

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    This lady is a talent... That pastel is alive. I would love it if you could pm her details too~Tom

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    hi yes i can do that wont be able to pm till wed/thur as im away with work but i will ring her tommorrow all the best,wayne

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