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Thread: A twist in the stalk!!!!

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    A twist in the stalk!!!!

    I went out this morn for a stalk. After 30mins I stood watching 2 fox cubs playing not more than 30 feet away totally oblivious to my presence. After a fruitless stalk I decided to return to the motor as the easterly was picking up changed direction and ended winding my next plan of attack. So back to the road and a brisk walk back but forever keeping a vigilant eye open for a stray buck. I had walk about 10mins when I heard a fawn bleeting!! I stood still, pin pointed where it was coming from and decided I would try and see it after about 10mins pondering yes or no!! 10 feet inside the wood lay a new born still wet and the ambilcal cord still attached a quick photo with the mobile and I left it be. After this rich sighting I thought well what a twist, Im out with a rifle to end life and this morn Ive seen new life and ended none!! But I felt a warm glow inside seeing the sights I did, absolutely fantastic I thought and didnt give a hoot that I was empty handed I new I was alive and not many people get the chance to witness what I had. Well to top the morn of I ended up shooting a yearling buck 20 yds from the jeep not far to drag it either bonus

    God its good to be alive and active in the country. 8)


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    That's great Nutty well done mate. I'm glad I'm not the only big softy on the site.

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    well done nutty,could you please send me a trailer full we have no roe.

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    My wifes not speaking to me!!!! I told her I was going up with the air-rifle tomorrow as the 25-06 was a bit OTT!!!!! I cant believe after 11 years I can still get to her!!


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    well nutty you won't of had a better chance to get a pair of cubs than that
    but what a way to end a stalk that hasd been my quest to post the first pics of a newborn on this site ,beat me to it i see did your heart melt,
    just need a better camera
    still a fitting end to a good stalk with the buck as a bonus
    well done mate

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    Cheers Stone that was my phone I used. The cubs well the neighbouring farmer isnt to pleasant shall i say, weve had greive over access etc, so the more foxes the better. Im sorry but when he chases after me the road spies on our every move from 2 fields away, his wife gets stroppy with me, he can have all the foxes he needs for next spring. BTW thats not a go at you, just letting folks no my reasoning why I didnt shoot them and we dont have any plans of putting feather to wood.


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    you evil beggar

    i tried that once and the farmer lost all his chickens so his wife went out and bought him some more same thing again still did not get the ground i wonder why
    oh what fun

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    Hi Nutty,
    Stone and I were out this morning on the Roebucks. The weather was evil and we saw no Bucks at all. However we did see three Does and the first had a new born fawn in tow. Fantastic! Its the first time I've seen a Roe fawn, it really made my day.

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