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Thread: Two Winchester 1892's in 44-40 and 38-40

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    Two Winchester 1892's in 44-40 and 38-40

    As header, I have two of these, one in each calibre, had them for a few years now, both in average condition for age (1908 and 1913 from memory). They are both Saddle Ring Carbines Models.

    Would come with Dies, Brass, Heads and recipes for reloading.

    Only selling as I hardly target shoot at all now spending most of my time deer stalking or jet-skiing.

    I have purposefully not direct linked the pictures as I have left them large to show the maximum detail. If you want a photo of a specific area let me know and I will try and take some more.

    I have shot both guns and both shoot fine. I have mainly shot at 100yards as my club shoot mainly at Bisley. I have also shot them on the 50yard range at Minsterley a couple of times cannot honestly recall the groups as I got them and kept them mainly for the nostalgia of having a functioning 100 year old rifle I could shoot targets with!


    Pics are here:

    Bluing (or perhaps browning?) is ok, missing somewhat around the saddle ring where perhaps it has been in a holster and the saddle ring has removed some of the bluing. This should be visible in the pics.

    Barrel seems ok, the crown appears un-marked and the rifling is clear if I shine a light in the breech end. Not really sure what I am looking for though and it is not the easiest of barrels to look down as the reciever is limiting on light access.

    Woodwork is complete, perhaps varnished, but not recently. Slight crack just rear of the saddle ring which should be visible in the pics, this has been there the whole time I have had the rifle and I haven't noticed it getting bigger. Other than that just general dinks and marks associated with the last 100 plus years of use.


    Pics are here:

    Bluing (or perhaps browning?) is ok, again missing a little around the saddle ring. Looks almost polished or worn more rear of the barrel band, perhaps a holster or similar. The front barrel band on this is held on by what looks like a domed rivet, where as the .38-40 has a screw. Someone has removed half of the rivet presumably to strip the rifle at some point.

    Barrel again seems ok, the crown has a slight ding one the right hand side or the rifle as you were holding it. This is well weathered though and not something I have done! Again the rifling is visible

    Woodwork is complete, this time I would have said oiled walnut. Very fine either a scratch or a crack just forward of the barrel band, and also a plate pinned in the stock. Some previous owner has kindly polished out whatever inscription was etched onto this plate, but I assume it was a personalisation by a previous owner rather than anything fancy.

    Hope this helps, and viewing is obviously welcome

    Looking for 550 each inc the dies, brass etc... which I think is a good price??

    They must be collected from Worthing in West Sussex or can perhaps deliver within Hants & Sussex.
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    Hi, rararms have you sold both of your winchesters yet? reply to janet.crowscamp@btinternet,com
    John Aldis

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    Sorry, yes both are sold.

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