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Thread: does any one else have this problem ?

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    does any one else have this problem ?

    Whilst sitting in a high seat in fading light in the evening .Why do objects ie tree trunks . pieces of bracken , folds in the grass suddenly start resembling a deer ?
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    It`s either an age thing or simple desparation.


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    Your not on your own mate,
    unfortunately it doesn't just apply to deer. I have been known to crawl along a hedge to get in range of a tuft of grass, not to mention the sudden adrenaline rush when you here a goose in the distance and duck down only to realise it's the farmers terrier barking 2 miles away.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wadashot View Post
    It`s either an age thing or simple desparation.

    I find normally desparation

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    ha ha,

    everyone sees things they wish to be a deer.
    mind playing games on you.
    its also a way of knowing its time to go home


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    I,ve stalked a hind/ rusty oil drum a couple of times from different directions, before i shifted it , and that was in good light . As light levels drop what a hour earlier was clearly a bush takes on a deer like body shape and if you stare at it you WILL see it flap an ear or turn it's head . The next morning it's turned back into a bush. You can get the same effect in thick mist with deer/rocks and peat hags all being interchangeable.
    I think the real answer is we have poor eyesight at dusk and dawn and the eyes pass incomplete info to the brain and the brain does it's best to fill in the gaps so if you are waiting for deer you see deer and if sitting for foxes you see foxes. Ahwile back i was after hares and shot a molehill that sat up and was about to bolt

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    When i was younger i spent ages stalking into a rabbit with the shotgun, right on the edge of darkness. I stood there trying to make out whether it was moving and did indeed see it move, so with that i took my shot and walked over to find i had blown a tuft of grass to bits. So, no you aren`t on your own and as you will have noticed it`s desparation with me too, as i am only 19.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pitiliedon View Post
    Ahwile back i was after hares and shot a molehill that sat up and was about to bolt
    Now that just don't seem quite right....!!!!!!!!!!!

    Atleast it was a good back stop

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    Hmmm... I sincerely think some of us are just, quite literally, "programmed" to hunt. The false quarry phenomenon? ... I reckon it's either wishful thinking or desperation... depending on whether you're doing it for sport or to put food on the table for actual survival. Speak to anyone who practices these black arts though, and they all know exactly what you're talking about. Welcome to the club mate.

    ps. Don't shoot at it until you know.
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