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Thread: Greetings from London

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    Greetings from London

    So, new on here and posting an intro as requested...

    I'm from London and have a 22 month old bonkers GSP.

    SGC & FAC holder with rimfires and a .243 with a variation currently in for .308 as I recently passed my DSC1.

    Limited to two deer kills to date (both munty) but I've stalked a lot more to well within range including fallow and roe.

    Member of a DIY pheasant shooting syndicate but the shottie's have taken back seat since I got into rifles.

    Got permission on just over 1000 acres (used to have double that but was struggling for time on pest control basis on land that was never going to develop on the rifle front so gave it up).

    I get out as often as I can, especially during the summer, and often spend several hours out during the week without taking a shot but enjoying the scenery and peace and quiet.

    All this shooting mullarkey is my sanctuary from the crazy world, crazy job with crazy bills every month. I do also like various types of fishing.

    Looking forward to learning a lot and contributing a bit where I can.


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    Hi Kurzhaar,
    welcome to the site, good to hear someone else with a Deutcsh Kurzhaar. My login is my Affix which is Dalkur which stands for Dalgain Kurzhaar.

    Something in common except i live in a small peaceful village called Sorn in Ayrshire formally known as Dalgain.

    Look forward to your input.


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