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Thread: rem 708 n140

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    rem 708 n140

    any of you guys loaded 7mm08 with n 140 have you any imfo on speed or presure signs and group size

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    I have just loaded n140 in my 7-08 using nosler 140 gr BT's. I was getting clover leaf groups at 100 yards but god only knows where I was hitting at 500 when I was testing for the diggle fly comp. I much prefer varget if you can get hold of any, by far the best powder for this calibre. I would start at 40gr of powder and load in steps of 40.3, 40.5, 40.8, 41 and so on. Max would be 45gr. load 3 of each load and shoot a group. I like to do this with a dirty barrel and only clean when accuracy clearly drops.

    You don't need to chase velocity in a stalking rifle. My fisrt 7-08 barrel love 41.5gr with one hole groups, my second a custom lothar walther likes 43.5gr both with varget and out of 20 inch barrels. I am getting 2780 fps.

    Good luck with a great deer round.

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    thanks scotch egg i will get a tub of varget and try it out

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