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    Ive aquired a converted refrigerated wagon body ,the refridgeration unit has been exchanged for a 240 volt unit,its been used at a farm shop to store poultry. its about 20ft long with tr1ple bi fold stainlesslined doors .it would need a small amount of work to get it up to best practice guidance but its perfect for a small shoot or estate ,i thought ide offer it here before it goes on ebay its 1500 and i can organize transport but this is through a 3rd party so i dont know what that would cost,im in durham.your thoughts and criticisms please gents

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    The insulation is special waste and costs a fortune to dump. The insulation also degrades. The commercial breakers will give you a good one to see it off the premises, For that reason I would give it a miss. Most have a fridge unit dual powered, diesel and 110v standby but is the gas the current or obsolete type,

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    I think nemo is SELLING it and not recycling it.. i take it your condemnation of these fridge bodies is a ploy to knock the price down?

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    Nope it comes from a lifetime in the transport/waste industry. Fridges of any size with the old type insulation costs a mint to dump. When I retired 3 years ago it cost 90 plus vat to dump a standard fridge, The fishmonger that rented a compound from me paid 300 for a fridge body in good condition delivered from Bathgate to Oban. You will find I gave the selfsame advice on the site a few years back. Unless you have an end of life disposal route sorted dont touch was the advice given then.

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    If the body is in reasonable condition and the chiller unit is working it does not matter which gas it is on because all current gases have what they call a drop in available which means you just take out the obsolete gas and drop in the new one. You just need to find a fridge man that stalks. Sikadog

    PS I think the price is a bit high but I only fix them.

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    thanks for the comments gents ,i dont know anything about gas etc.but i do know that it works by plugging the mounted unit on the back into a 240 supply and it was working until i unplugged it ,if i had the space i would keep it but its just to big so ebay here it comes

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