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Thread: New Mauser M98

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    New Mauser M98

    I am seriously considering buying a new Mauser M98 in 7x57. I am informed that this round is now a 'Special Order' which is a bit of a sad surprise.
    How ever has anyone tried one of the new Mausers ? any feedback would be most welcome.
    Best wishes

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    I had a look at one a few years ago. Struck me as a well built classic style Mauser action stalking rifle. Only thing wrong with it is they don't put on the correct side for a left hander.

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    Now there are more than one source for new M98 "Mausers" The company which brought Mauser Obendorf and moved them and are responsible of the M03's did have some. Now whether they made them or acquired them with the company????? Henry Crank had some of these I believe.

    Then there is a company having them made to order but either Zastava of the old Brno factory. Will try and find the leaflet I picked up at a show. the importer is a guy from Derbyshire... Well blow me down I looked behind me to find the slightly crumpled leaflet. They trade as BRNO GUNS UK and it's Michael S Dickinson from Carlton Moor Range. 01538-308697 so it's the old Brno factory making them and then make very nice rifles too.

    OH 7x57 is a special order item now it seems

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    bought one of those BRNO mausers off Michael. Very very nice, and a pleasure to deal with him. But when I bought it (a few months ago), he had two left, one in 243 and one in 270 and wasn't getting any more. He said the factory had been bought by CZ and no more of these mausers were coming out. The model is BO98, and according to people on mausercentral was a model made from refurbed vz24 or other brno military mausers (98/29?) and sporterised. If anyone's interested I'll put some photos up. It's got good fit and finish with a nice walnut stock, single set trigger and factory screwcut. Give him a call if you want a 243 or 270 (might have had a 7mm rem mag not sure), they're a good deal IMO (550).

    I did have a couple of teething problems, and mike was very helpful sorting them out. But the bolt handle still needs further bending(got extra high rings with a 40mm scope), and the 243 cartridge is not perfect for the action IMO. But no worries it'll be a mauser cartridge sometime (probably 7x57).

    How much are the new M98's from mauser then? I was lusting after one, but didn't even enquire about price - I assumed they would be out of my price range. I hope I wasn't wrong... It's the only rifle I'd consider over a Husqvarna 1640 now.
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    You would have to contact Kranks about that as I don't have an up to date Gunmart.

    Strange but Parker-hale didn't seem to have troubles with feeding either the .243 or the .308 and of course most of their rifles were on Mauser 98 type actions. I have a.308 but not the .243 now as it had several previous owner related issues..i.e abuse so I rejected it. It shot well enough and fed Ok but soemone who abuses a rifle enough to breka off the bolt handle and burr up the cocking came on the bolt body well. It took over two hours to clean it once I got it home and it was only then that the brazed line was noticeable on the bolt handle.

    You can see the brazed join in the photo and it was covered in a film of grime and the bore was heavily Moly fouled. The keeper it is said it belonged to used Federal Moly coated ammo and it seems had never heard of cleaning relying upon a layer of grease over everything to care for it. I also cleaned nearly a thimble full of crap out of the bolt locking lugs.

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    Yes it's strange the amount of abuse some people subject tools (guns included) to and expect them to perform up to standard. That poor 243, how could you soap a factory bolt handle!

    As to my feeding problems- i have heard of plenty of good feeding 308 based mausers, but i have heard quite a few people say they can need work before this. I'm fairly sure my follower is part of the problem, but i also think the magazine box is too. It feeds and elects an 8x57 dummy perfectly, and as i'm planning on rebarreling it to 7x57 or maybe 280rem i'll live with the imperfections for now
    "A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition." -- Rudyard Kipling

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    Many thanks for the input. The Mauser rifles I am on about are those that can be seen on
    These come from the factory that make the Mauser M3. They base the 98 on a square bridge type like the old commercial Magnum Mauser action as seen on the old classic Holland 300/375 magnums, Rigby 416 etc.
    Now it would appear they make the action but I can't be 100% sure. I think the 7x57 is a superb round and feel it will grow in popularity again dont forget 20years ago the 6.5 was totally in the wilderness.
    Best wishes Martin
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    Well back in 2003 when the M03 was announced I contacted Beechwood the importers and they sent me the leaflet and their price lists. I had the M96 Slide Bolt and wondered about getting an 03 as it's companion however the prices soo put a stop to that thinking. The price list also has the M98 Mauser legends on it and the basic M98 was 4815 then under options:-

    open sights two folding leaves = 94

    Mauser horizontal 3 position safety = 175

    Blued Bolt handle = 70

    if you want the bridges machined for the swivel mounts = 270

    with 26mm rings = 531

    with 30mm rings = 546

    Those were the prices effective November 2003.................... sorry forgot I had this amongst my catalogues .

    Edfit- Oh for the record I have two 7x57 chambered rifles one which i stalk with. It's one of the 389 so chambered by BSA in the CF2 model and is the one I used in the US for my Whitetail hunt .
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    Good God HOW MUCH??????? I only wanted to buy a rifle NOT the whole factory. That is a lot of money considering the quality rifles you can buy for less than half of that. Thanks for the Info Brithunter, I won't waste my time going for the Mauser.
    I once had a nice BSA Royale in 7x57, would shoot three rounds of Federal Premium 145grnSP into the same hole at 100yards. I have also owned a 275 Rigby and a Heym 7x57 and if I had my time over again would never have sold any of them.
    Instead of the Mauser idea I think I will look out for a 'Minty' Heym SR 20.
    Best wishes Martin

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    There is Zastava Arms in Yougoslavia. I always heard they bought the machines on which the FN mauser was build. They sell the Mod 70. As a rifle and as a barelled action. I don't know if there is an importer in the UK. Wooden stocks/ Synthetic Stocks/ Stainless Steel / etc.... Could be a good platform to make a semi custom rifle.

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