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Thread: I Just Knew it was a bad Idea!

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    I Just Knew it was a bad Idea!


    I managed to escape the processing plant late yesterday afternoon after spending most of the day up to my eyeballs in "Plucking Partridges" (watch how you say that)!

    I got over to one of my permissions on which I hold a rolling contract cull & settled into a seat overlooking mature Maize at about 6.15pm, in order to wait for the fallow to move out of the woods & try to catch them before they got to the crop. (we try to just shoot them on the grass margins on the way in or out, as they make easy pickings when there.)

    After being seated for only about quater of an hour I noticed a brace of prickets moving in the maize about 80 meters out & on going into intsant kill mode without giving extraction a second thought-I dropped both with neck shots (as that was all the target I had).

    It only took about 15 mins to locate the beasts in the crop, but on finding them they each then took a further 20 to extract & with the flaming dog trying to pull the first in the opposite direction to me I was about as close as I care to be to passing out!

    After getting both off the field & then grallaching both I felt like I had done 10 rounds with Tyson

    I think I will just shoot em around the edge next time, they were 39 & 41kg larder weights, big old beasts for 1 year old.

    Regs Lee

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    Dont you just love it when the dog want's to help . It's always after the trigger's pulled that the work start's.

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    do what I do Lee, stick to the handy carry-size Roe and Muntys. It could be a sign you're getting old mate!! ....... It happens to us all in the end! Lol



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    yep we have all done it. i shot two fallow out to about 200 yards and was very pleased with my self until i realised i had to drag them both about 400/500 yards back to the truck all up hill. and you CANT drag 2 fallow up hill at the same time.
    please dont try i was close to death that night

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    Come and have a holiday on Skye and experience some real extraction problems! Ask Stu about his backpack experience on his visit!

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    What extraction problems - you just need a fraxomatic

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    I tell you, I was a machine on Friday...just me and my 64 year old uncle out so guess who had to do all the work!

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