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    Hi All,

    New to this site also new to stalking,I,m stalking about 3 years now in Ireland.My friend and i shoot mainly in the west of Ireland were we have alot of permission to shoot.I use a CZ 550 6.5x55 shooting mostly Fallow deer and recently have got permission to shoot big Reds close to where we live.I have one question to ask all who read this what is the best way to cut around the Anal area of the beast? or is there a device that does the job.
    Thanks chat soon

  2. #2 Try this mate should cover most stuff but for me i tie the sh**t pipe off from inside the beast and do the cut through the pelvis when i get back place deer on fram and slice down between legs to pelvic bridge saw through and core out no mess if done with a wee bit of care.
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