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Thread: my first sika stag

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    my first sika stag

    As you have probably read i got myself a cracking sika stag down in dorset at the weekend i just thought i would do a short write up on the event. on the first evening me and malc walked the rest of the ground with us having plenty of time on our hands and wadas and terry sat in there areas to look over, we saw a hind and calf at the top end of the ground then we decided to have a steady stalk back down to the other end. we stood by a gate over looking a field where i spotted a spiker going at a rate of knots running up the side of the river ( he was on a mission ) we then got a call of terry to say there was 9 sika out on a field up the top end of the ground so off we went to see if we could spot them. when we were just about to get up into the area where they were the land owner drove into the field and they were off we sat around for 15mins and a hind turned up but no sign of the stag which terry had seen so we set off back down to the gate where we had stood down the other end of the ground. just as we got near to the gate we saw around 6 sika running up the field to our right, i then spotted sika to our left up the other end of the field so we got down low and got down to the gate. i couldnt belive my eyes there were around 16 sika there with a nice 6 point stag showing plenty of interest to the ladies in the herd. they were around 180yds off and i couldnt get steady enough to take a shot, and just to make things a little harder he was up and down round the hinds like wadas round a box of tea bags after 5 minutes malc said to me to get over the gate, once we were over and todd was under we slowly stalked up the edge of the field against the side of the wood to get in a little closer.then the cows decided they would join us and we thought that they would get beween us and the deer but luck was on our side, out with the sticks and up with the good old .308 and off went the 150grn soft point which droped the stag on the spot . i reloaded and waited and he didnt get up. i couldnt believe what fantasic deer they are to stalk i must have seen around 90 sika on there in 4 sessions . just a shame hinds are not in season. thanks again to everyone involved for another great weekend

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    Well done Andy, there is something about Sika stags I expect it is because they have no word for dead in their dictionary but a big entry for run You never know what the buggers will do, I bet you were glad it didn't run especially as Fester was not there to drag it. Now you have got the hang of it there are plenty up here waiting for you It won't be long now

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Nice one Andy mate, and as jayb says, not long now till we are at it again.

    Just a thought, best leave the Jesus sandals at home this time mate.


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    Well done Andy,

    There are plenty of Deer on that ground, although Wadas seems convinced it's not very Deery

    The last time I shot one in that field, it ran off across the next field and into the wood approx 300 yds Todd following up it was soon despatched

    As jayb said not long now till were at 'em again.

    Out last night, shot two Fallow bucks 100lbs & 115 lbs clean, just starting to spar and thrash about.

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    Good on ya Andy..

    Crackin stag that..

    Wheres the pikies i bet you got it up on the wall already...

    Round two in a couple of weeks


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Nice one Andy and well done Malc ( again ) sounds like you all had a cracking time.

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    Well done Andy on your first sika stag and it sounds like you all had a blast in the process

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    cheers guys, wadas has been trying to email me the pics, but he aint good with technology so do me a favour wadas and put some on here for me please, he aint on the wall yet tel, i have boiled him and bleached it just waiting for it to dry and to get a shield from midland game fair at the weekend.

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    Nice write up, any pictures?


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    Now Andy as our Wada's has already mentioned those jesus creapers will have to be left at home. They may be ok down in sunny Poole, but Scotland they will not last. By the end of the week they will have shrunk, and they will be no good at all............ well they might make a bolt holder

    Didnt you say they were Goochi or some posh make cant see them lasting, do they still have the nail holes in them

    Dont forget to get a bottle of that old crusted Port that Fester brough last time, try and find out where he got it from

    All the best uncle Malc

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