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    FAC application

    Hi guys

    Decided to bite the bullet (har har) and sort out my FAC since I will be getting more accompanied stalking and am going to try to get a bit of permission of my own from my farming contacts if I can, not a huge amount just enough to knock over a few a year whilst I am at uni as well as have somewhere to zero and I want to get a fair bit of practice in.

    Previous shooting experience; SGC for 8 years (since 15 and airguns before then), 12 bore and .410 on rabbits, pigeons, the odd fox usual farm experience really! Target shooting .22LR and 7.62 for 3 years (was secretary of university rifle club) as well as the odd go with stalking rifles on ranges, also a bit of bunny bashing with a .22LR as well as my own air rifle. DSC1 completed in 2008 (passed the lot first time), and done some basic rifle training with IanF (need to ring you about some fallow actually mate if you read this!) as well as several stalking outings with him and planning more.

    Basic plan was to apply for a .308, 250 rounds buying limit 200 (although I would like to load my own this seems to be what they go for) and to put down for paid stalking/zeroing and that was about it, as the only rabbit permission I have atm is air rifle only in my opinion-horses about, small acreage etc and they do like my HW97k as it's so quiet.

    Anyway, what is the exact wording I should put down? I am with Hampshire and I am aware that they are very keen on mentoring and the usual bumpf, any advice as to the exact wording that I put down on the "reason" part, and if I put "paid stalking" would I then be limited to paid stalking only or if I came into some land could I then get it sorted with the land permissions etc?

    Many thanks


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    It's been covered on here a few times.

    IMHO keep it all as open, general and simple as possible - that way you are not creating your own restrictions from the beginning.

    Just put it down on your application exactly as per the condition that is listed in the appendix to the HO Guidance and they shouldn't be able to query it - it matters not if you are paying for stalking etc. as that is not the reason for acquiring the rifle.

    For reason you could put 'deer stalking, fox, vermin and any other lawful quarry, plus zeroing'. Maybe even bracketing all the firearms together alongside.

    For place of intended use you could put, 'on land over which I have lawful authority to shoot and approved ranges' - again bracketing the firearms together as it applies to all of them. You can then provide details of your nominated named piece of land on the accompanying form.

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    What Orion said, but I'd go 200 and 300 on the ammo. If you want to reload it's nice to buy the full 100. I know some is available in 50s and many suppliers will "split" a box but why put yourself in the "have to" situation?

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    Oh yes, I forgot about the ammo quantities!

    I think many forces will accept that double the quantities mentioned in the HO Guidance can be applied if homeloading is to be undertaken. So you might want to up the possess 250, acquire 200 CF rounds to 500/400 and see what they say.

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    Cracking guys, had a flick through all of that and looks good, will let you know how I get on.

    Many thanks


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    My FEO told me always put ammo down in multiples of 20

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