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    Hi All

    Hi All

    As prompted I thought a quick intro although I have been registered some time.

    Been into wildlife life all my life with very keen naturalists for parents. I studied Game and Wildlife Management at Sparsholt College graduating in 1990. This is were my love of stalking really started although I will never forget the thrill as a boy walking quietly through the New Forest looking for deer with my farther on one of our many visits. He was and still is a keen and respected ornithologist whilst my interest was more for deer. They just fasinated me.
    On two of my college placements I was fortunate to spend time with the Wildlife Team of the then EFC Group at Eskdalemuir and run by Ronnie Rose Senior.

    Now stalk were and when I can as I have a 9-5ish office job and family who demand my time and cash!! but very fortunate to have a good friend that has supported my stalking more recently.

    There you go.


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    Welcome Cris, from a fellow West Berkshire inhabitant.
    KevinF -

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