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    I live in north Devon stalk mainly Roe with the occaisional Red .Also shoot the odd fallow on family land in Shropshire.I use a Tikka 595 in .243 which I am am currently looking to sell because I have found another 595 in left handed.I will not be regular threader but have been reading SD for a while now.Also enjoy rugby, shooting and fly fishing .Have 3 boys and wife so spend less time stalking than I would like

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    Welcome fellow LEFTY waiting for mine to arrive looks like it wont be with me untill the end of the month



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    Welcome to the SD, there are one or two others from North Devon who will no doubt give you a welcome.
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Welcome mate, im in south devon. enjoy the forum.

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    Welcome Stephen from another North Devonian


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