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Thread: Do you cover this area

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    Do you cover this area

    Hi everyone,

    Admin can you leave this on here for 24 hours before moving it to its correct place.

    I have a job in a place called KILCHOAN Argyll PH36.

    Does anyone have the rights to shoot this area and be willing to offer some stalking.
    of course i will be happy to pay, cough cough,

    can anyone help.

    thanks in advance


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    Back of beyond and then some. I built the storage shed behind the community hall a few years ago. Takes longer to get there than do the job. Seasickness is a problem if you are in the passenger seat,

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    thats a fact hence my request, i would like to stay over night and have a stalk to make it worth my while.
    i have been there once before and as for the ferry by fort william all one hour of wait ten minute sail and two hour drive made a loss for me...


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    there must be someone covering this land lads, anyone got any contacts please???

    i know its remote but with 3000 members surely one person knows someone.........

    atb f.

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    Quote Originally Posted by groach1234 View Post
    Scottish estate hunting and fishing at Ardnamurchan

    This will be who you are after.

    cheers george made contact

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p View Post
    cheers jim, will contact them

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    Niall Rowntree the man at Ardnamuchan Estates loads a money, heres a couple of alternate estates.

    Ardtornish estates.

    Kingairloch estates

    There details and addresses you can get from below .

    CCTV in that area Frank ,the most action you get there when two vehicles won't reverse back to a passing place, nice place Scotland's only volcano you drive right through it going to Sanna , the fishing is the dogs gonads only wee fish but you can fill the dutch oven quickly .

    When the weather is hard you get the Red on the shore eating the kelp and seaweed .

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