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Thread: Interesting link - 3D deer anatomy model

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    Interesting link - 3D deer anatomy model

    I put this link up in the discussion on bleeding a deer but thought it was good enough for its own thread for people to have a look.



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    i assume the $360 price tag is for the software??
    good practice guide has similar ones for 15 or there abouts.
    thanks for the link all the same


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    Excellent stuff mate, will be using as a revision aid i think.


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    Nice! that must have taken some creating!


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    I saw something like this being used in the shooting centre in Ulm Germany. You shot at a cinema screen with live rounds. You had a choice of boar red's roe etc as well as how dark or light you wanted the day to be. If only we had that luxury in the field! After each shot was taken you could freeze the frame and see the bullet passage through the animal, before continuing the driven hunt. If anyone is travelling near to Ulm I would certainly recommend it. It is an amazing place, exactly as it looks in the video. Willkommen bei MSZU - Müller Schiess Zentrum Ulm | MSZU - Müller Schießzentrum Ulm
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