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Thread: At 1801 hrs today

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    At 1801 hrs today

    Lewis, son of Jingzy was born, he weighed in at 6lb 11 1/2 Oz, of course he was not gralloched and still had his head and feet

    Another stalker.

    I do believe that it is now time to consider gelding Jingzy

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Pass on my congratulations John

    All the best


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    Well done that man . Congratulations.

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    Well done.... can I help with the Gelding????

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    Excellent news!!

    Congrats to jingzy and family!


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    Succssesful rut for jingzy then

    Congratulations to you both


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    congrats to you and your wife

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    congrats to you and your wife john, hope the little chap aint got hairy knees i was only thinking of you this evening that it wouldnt be long untill your on nappy duties. really pleased for you mate

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    Congratulations John (Jingzy) now the new arrival has come early does that mean you can come up to scotland to play

    My regards to Mrs jingzy and all the family



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