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Thread: non-glass freelander sunroof help

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    non-glass freelander sunroof help

    I have a 52 reg freelander and as it has a glass sunroof so I cant drill and put a spotlight on the roof.

    Does anyone know where I can get a perspex or other material sunroof to replace it with that I can drill a lamp into?

    Dont fancy hanging my hand out the window much longer!



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    Aldi were selling spotlights with a magnetic base which were adjustable via remote control just slap it onto the roof sheet steel area. I have had one for the last 3 years.
    Google it to find one as it must be a Chinese product.

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    Glass can be drilled, think of the number of fish tanks that are drilled for filter system plumbing.
    Small holes can be drilled using a simple wall tile drill bit.
    If your wanting to do it yourself, start with the largest tile drill bit and enlarge with a dremel and sanding drum.


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    i wouldnt drill it as it will be hardened and as soon as you try to drill it will break into tiny pieces ,wayne

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    Re glass roof

    As an automotive development engineer I know that auto glass is always by law either made from toughened which will shatter if you attempted to drill it but if it is laminated then it has two layers of glass with a butyl layer in the middle this can be drilled. Ford do it on tailgate glass for gas struts and it costs them 2 dollars per hole so it is not easy to do.
    Check on the glass itself as it should have the makers logo visible and also the type of glass for legally required end of use recycling information.

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    i have a wooden board that fits into the sunroof hole of my four runner. works ok, bit wet in the rain.

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    try parts gateway they will try to find one for you

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