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Thread: Mazda b2500 5 seater pickup 1998 on private!

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    Mazda b2500 5 seater pickup 1998 on private!

    Hi folks
    Im selling my pickup as i have bought a newer double cab.
    Its a Mazda Kingcab (same as Ford Ranger) in white,it can seat 5 adults (maybe not for too long a journey) and is mega reliable and very economical.
    It has the 2.5 diesel lump which is perky enough considering it has no turbo and literaly runs on fumes! lol,ive never had a truck as good on diesel as it.
    The engine and all running gear are rock solid,no smoke,bangs or clunks anywhere,never overheats and sits happily at 70-80 on the big roads.
    Body work wise she is a bit tatty due to the fact that the previous owner carried out some repairs to the rear tub and then painted it by hand,it doesnt look too bad really and polishes up nicely.
    I have a metal tool/dog box on the back with a winch on it and when ratchet strapped over the rear of the bed is very handy,ive winched some big reds on to the back like this.
    Its MOT'd until April 2011 and TAX till the end of November and will serve someone well as a shooting truck or everyday runner.
    Contact me Keith on 07813 155435 if you need any more info just ask,Im based near to Derby and would jump in this truck and drive anywhere in the UK with it without a worry.
    Im looking for £1650 ono for a 5 seater 4x4 1998 pick up witha private plate!!
    Pics on request.

    Thanks for looking

    Ps..I still have the number plate R77FLE for sale if anyone is interested.

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    is this still for sale? if so what sort of mileage has she done?

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    Sorry the MAzda sold on Ebay mate.
    Thank you for your interest


    Number plate still for sale

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