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Thread: Sako 75 .223

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    Sako 75 .223

    I require a Sako 75, either synthetic stainless or laminated stainless(varmint or hunter) It needs to be in very good condition and one that has been looked after. I have to fill this slot very soon.
    I seem to be spending rather a lot of time on the Guntrader site so therefore know what is available at present. Dealers seem to be a little on the high side so if I can save a few quid on a private sale, great. also some of their opinions on what's good and "Hasn't had too much use" leaves a little to be desired.
    In saying that I don't mind paying a top price for a top condition Sako.
    Thank you to all those that read this and Here's hoping!

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    try Chris Potter at Tunbridge Wells


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    Don't hold your breath whilst looking for a stainless synthetic short action Sako 75. They were never made. Both varmint and sporter stainless models were offered with different laminate stocks, though.

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    I have a sako 75 Hunter in .223 with a wooden stock. Hasn't shot too many rounds either. I keep thinking of upgrading to a Sako 85. Out of interest what would you be willing to pay. PM if you wish.

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