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Thread: Stalking Directory Chatroom

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    Stalking Directory Chatroom

    Hi All,

    I have been speaking to a number of SD site members about the possibility of adding a chat room to this site. It's a good idea I think, it will take most of the banter away from the threads and the members who do wish to chat can do so more freely in a relaxed atmosphere.

    I've made this a voting thread, could you please give me your thoughts on this subject.

    Many Thanks Steve.F

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    Great can get quite annoying when you get interested in a thread, and it shoots of to an "in joke."

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    Hi Duncs,
    totaly agree, and have had this conversation with another member. This would seem the perfect sollution.

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    I understand what you are saying Duncs but this is the nature of forums. How do you define 'In Jokes'. I have been involved with other sites with MSN messenger and find that although it helps it doesn't cure the whole problem. I also find that amongst the in jokes there is still information to be found and experiences to be learnt from. IMHO

    One mans wine is a nother mans poison after all.

    However a can only be a good thing, it will take a while to sort out and to get members comfortable with what is useful information and what is banter.

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    Hi Steve,
    Im with the other members on having A chat room but policing trolls could be harder and we might get more of them


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    chat rooms

    chat rooms can be great and they can be set up only open to members of our group.

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    Yes I'm with Swampy. You would need the sign in and be aware that the chatroom could be a bit more 'racy' than the rest of the site. If we had to have moderators on the chatroom so be it. If we were all chatting in a pub and some drunken yob crashed the party would we put up with it?

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    not sure how a chat room works but does it mean you will hav to log in to open up the chat room to view after you hav already logged on to the site
    and won't it take a lot of fun away from some of the posts ?
    i can see where duncs is coming from ,on some of the past threads but some times members actualy read them just for that reason alone, and take a little amusment from
    if we don't try it we will never know so lets see how it goes how ever it works
    looks like my question was answered as i typed out the post god i am slow at typing

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    In my experience Stone, yes you log into a chatroom and you read a little contract and agree to follow the site rules. With the right crowd it can be very entertaining. 8)

    I do think it will take time to work the problems out as I think that the main contributors on this site will spend more time in the chatroom than posting on the threads. However this may spur other members to write more.

    People cannot be forced into getting more involved, they can however take a look at what is going on, on the site and think; 'what am I contributing'? It's a two way street, you get back what you put in on this site and its therefore no different to any other site online.

    Here is some information on chatrooms: -

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    Hi guys,
    I just P.M.d Beo, as I'm having second thoughts. The problem I see arising is that the earlier members who know each other might chat away in this new section, and contribute less to the site. Now I know, and you know that Beo talks a load of bo&%^*cks but generaly we all enjoy reading it. Am I wrong? If we let him sneak of to a chat room with Malc, Stone and me (if they let me past the door) he may not come out to play so often! There have been members who felt the site was becoming dull and uninteresting. Do you guys not think this may become more of a problem if there is a sort of private members club where some guys retreat to? At the end of the day, I have just discovered a wonderful NEW invention I'm going to call "THE TELEPHONE" we could chat there perhaps?
    Prepare for incomming, tin hats on!

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