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Thread: problems with zeroing

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    problems with zeroing DM80

    Hoping this is an easy fix but I doubt it,I previously had a pes moderator on my .222 which was very heavy but shot well,I have now sold it and bought a DM80 which is much lighter but the accuracy has gone right out the window in fact at 100 yards it is lucky if I can get 2 shots out of 3 on an A4 target and even those 2 shots are at opposite sides off the target ,anybody got any ideas ?

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    What does it shoot like without the moderator?

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    Do as above post says. Try it without the moderator first.

    The fact that the rifle shot well prior to a moderator change will have something to do with it I would think. Was it re-threaded, barrel shortened, crown touched? Does it thread on easily and feel secure.

    Also, try another moderator, it could be the 80 causing the problem.

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    I have had a similar issue with a .17HMR. I found that the rounds were clipping the baffles on the way out. Changed the suppressor and it sorted it right out.

    Take the Mod apart and have a look to see if there is any damage.

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    the rifle is shooting fine without mod,it has had no work done to it after selling the PES and the mod feels secure when attached .If no signs off damage I will contact the seller to see what they say, cheers for the advice


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    Had the same prob with a t8.Turned out the mod was too small,yes it was the right calibre,the bullets were not touching the baffles but there wasn`t enough room for the gasses.Gunsmith took a tiny amount of baffles in a lathe, problem sorted.

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    not impossible that the threading is lopsided and as such baffles getting clipped as above??

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    I have e-mailed to see if they can resolve the problem


    just received a phone call from Mark at decoying.I am going to be in his area in October so will drop off the rifle and mod and he will rectify the problem .Great service
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    Hi Graeme,

    I'm sure it will be something simple. If you don't get to the bottom of it, as Mark said, just call into the shop and we will get it sorted. They really are a decent mod.

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    try it without the mod on it first before you do any thing else mate i had this on one of my rifles then if it groups then if it does nt its your ammo that does not suit your rifle hope this helps

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