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Thread: Hmm Police "marksmen" eh?

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    19 Shots? some marksman

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    I wonder how many of us would lose our tickets if we behaved in such an appalling way? Further, how many of us couldn't execute a heart shot at 100yds?

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    a mate of mine was down at Bisley a couple of weeks ago,along side them sharing there lane was a Police marksman team,he told me he had never seen such shocking shooting in his life,the guy in charge all dressed in balck SWAT gear ended up throwing his gun un bagged into the boot of his car and storming off in a huff as he couldnt hit jack and his team were taking the micky out of him

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckup View Post
    I wonder how many of us would lose our tickets if we behaved in such an appalling way? Further, how many of us couldn't execute a heart shot at 100yds?
    I met a police marksman a couple of years ago on holiday with my familly. Some of his stories were quite scary. He basically said that they are a mixed bunch, some who are fanatical about their weapons, ammo and shoot as a hobby as well as being police marksment. Some that were dieing to pull the trigger and then others who were pretty clueless about the weapons they used (from a technical perspective) and basically had the minimum skill required for the role. He also said that the handguns they are now issued with (cant remember which make) were terrible and said that he was doing well if he got a 6 inch group at 25 yards.

    Apologies if their are Police marksmen on the site but that was my impression from his perspective.

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    Lovely comment on the article by JuliaM of Essex regarding the actions of the vet -

    "...he won't be asked any awkward questions about his professional judgement in leaving their 'humane' destruction to Officers Magoo & Stevie Wonder...""
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Aparently the first shot hit the back leg ,then the front leg was blown off then another 17 rounds into the horse if true unbelievable.

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    Where I live in Cheshire was in the middle of the 1960's foot and mouth outbreak and the farm I live in the middle of had the desease, so we were quarentined for I think about 14 days
    While the slaughter men were killing the cows and sheep before they insinerated them one sheep escaped and 2 days later was still wandering around.
    So the Min of Ag called the Police who sent a (MARKSMAN ) who at about 50 yards took 7 shots to kill the sheep (The first 3 shots missed all together) and as he was using a 303 service rifle and the ground where I live is as flat as a pancake you would wonder where all the flyind lead ended up. Keith

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    If the comments of the eyewitness are true (they claim to have photos too) then I imagine the poo will hit the fan on this one. We've all made cock ups but shooting a horse 19 times including in the back leg. At least if the 'marksman' has to hand in his spurs they can always find him a job as an FEO like all the other failed policemen! JC

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    Have you read the comments (and number off) on the news thread ? Incredible !
    The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple

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