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Thread: BASC Arran Scheme

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    Question BASC Arran Scheme

    Just had an email saying that there are plenty of places left on the scheme for this year. I can't figure out why, I thought places would have been snapped up almost immediately at those prices, even if there are loads of places. Am I missing something? I'd have been there like a shot if a) I had the money and b) had my DSC1!



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    The fact that you need lev 1 and need to have registerd for lev 2 might have something to do with this scheme. Also it has been well shot over the last few years and i heard that it was getting more difficult unless you were placed on a favoured beat.

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    I went there last year and im going again this year and i carnt wait. There was plenty about last year. For the money you carnt go wrong i shot my first red last year and it was a nice eleven pointer. We saw some real good beasts both me and my mate came away with deer.

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    I sooo want to go.. What would you budget for a week in Arran, all in, beer, food B&B, stalking, all in, what would you budget?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    and need to have registerd for lev 2 might have something to do with this scheme.

    why is that?

    Does the stalk contribute to your portfolio?
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    The main reason is that we only got notification of a successful tender in July/Aug, and as most folk plan well ahead this has left quite a few spaces..


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    Im sorely tempted.. Griff, do you offer witnessing on arran and if so is there an extra charge?

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    Level 2 registered or gained is required due to the forestry requirements.

    I went last November and stayed at the Auchrannie Spa Resort hotel which is where you all meet on the first day. Stayed there sunday - friday AM. cost 470 inc ALL food, beer etc. They have a drying room which for us was a godsend as we got hit by the rain that wrecked Cumbria that week.

    We saw lots of deer but could get into them in time.

    I will be there next weekend for the first week of the stags.

    For the money you can't beat it. The forestry has also this year opened up new areas that they have been keeping off.

    There are alot of people on here who moch it, but you make of it what you can and you will have opportunities.

    If anyone else is there on the first week of the stags let me know please.


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    There is witnessing available providing we are close at hand. Larder work is always available and is encouraged.
    Obviously there are going to be times when portfolio work/witnessing is just not going to be possible, but we will try our best..


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    It is a fabulous scheme even though the FC have imposed certain criteria.

    This one was shot last year.

    Where else can you have the chance of a woodland Red of this calibre for the money. You tell me.......

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