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Thread: Interchangable barrels

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    Interchangable barrels

    This is probably in the wrong place, sorry admin if it is!

    Just wondering what everyone thought of the rifles with interchangeable barrels for different calibres? Are they any good and has anybody on the site had any experience with them? Are they worth the cost saving compared to buying two seperate rifles?



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    I bought a sako quad with the intention on swapping between .22 and .17hmr.
    However, I'm now of the opinion that the camera on a phone takes good pictures but a digital camera will always take a better one. I.e use the equipment designed for the job imo
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    Quad sticks

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    I've got a Styre Luxus with a .243 and a 30-06 barrel.
    It is an excellent combination for me.
    .243 for fox and Roe, 30-06 with 150gr bullets for red, Fallow and Sika Deer and with a 180gr bullet ideal for Boar.

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    I have two Sauer 202's. One in .243 screw cut, the other in 7x64 not screw cut and with a stutzen fore end. Do your home work before making a decision. Unlike the Styre mentioned by EMcC, the Sauers, have a different bolt and mag for calibre's up to and including .243. This means to change barrels to a larger calibre you must also buy a new bolt and mag. The cost of this is almost equal to a new budget rifle. I decided in the end that the 7x64 would be used mainly abroad for boar etc in countries where sound mods and threaded barrels are not liked. Furthermore if I had a mechanical failure at home here, I can just use my spare rifle which is set up zeroed ready for use.
    I have removed the barrel from the .243, quite simple with just a couple of allen screws clamping it in place, so no gripe with that aspect of things.


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    A lot depends on whether you like the rifle or not. Think of it this way, if you really like the feel and operation of a Blaser then the option to swap barrels is a bonus.
    if you have say a .223 for foxes and a 308 for stalking and the 223 is used for foxes, you use the .223 every week but you only stalk 3 times a year. perhaps then a switch barrel would be a good option but if you use both calibres every week then swapping calibres back and forth would be a pain.
    I bought an R93 because i liked the balance of it and also the fact i could get any model i wanted in almost any calibre in a left hand configuration. I am thinking of putting a bigger calibre on it for very occasional use abroad with iron sights for this it's perfect. if you do have only one rifle but 2 barrels at least you will be familiar with the trigger and operation of your kit. failing that buy 2 fixed barrels in different calibres but the same make and model it is probably a much cheaper option.
    Both the Blasers and the Sauers are very accurate rifles.


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    Re switching

    The scopes zero can not be set up for two different barrels so either use EAW/Recknagel swing off mounts and two scopes each one adjusted to the relevant barrrel or using lots of petrol and range time will be involved before a stalking trip.

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    I have a Blaser with a couple of Barrels, 22/250 and 30/06. It is not a cheap option, but as stated above, if one of the calibres is only used occasionally, it works really well.

    These switch barrel rifle travel really well also. All in all I think they are excellent and I am very happy with the Blaser.

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