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    ClaretDabbler thanks

    At last I got to zero the Sauer I bought from him out to 100m. I had zeroed it to 50m. but laced the range at that location. When I tried it at 100 he was spot on when he said it would be 4" high. Two shots checked, 4", 16 clicks on the swarri scope two shots dead centre. Free standing restin rifle on a branch as rest, both groups shots under 1". virtually no kick. Now all I need is Widow's Son to put me in front of that red,

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    Jim, I am glad you are happy with it, sort of wish I had not let it go..... If you ever decide to sell, call me first.

    I know that rifle and its trajectories inside out, it was the only deer rifle I owned for 4 or 5 years. Have you tried my favourite load - 51.5gr N160 with a 140gr Interlock?

    By the way, I still have the box of goodies stached for you. I had intended to be over in Scotland this summer, but that didn't happed. Might be over later in the year.
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