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Thread: Tikka .243 1:10 twist stainless varmint and 100gr

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    Tikka .243 1:10 twist stainless varmint and 100gr

    After a session at the BDS range it appears I have a problem with the load I wish to use through my Tikka

    100g federal boat tails powershock are all over the place, 5-6inch groups at 100m
    95g Winchester ballistic tips are spot on

    Now I know there a are very few red that will jump up and say 'oi, that was only 95gr you wassock' but is there anybody out there that has a min 100gr round that will stabilise through a Tikka with a 1:10 twist rate?
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    Not sure what twist rate my Tikka 595 is or my brothers, both are .243 and both shoot cloverleafs with 100gn Hornady BTSPs.. Thats with H4895, cant remember the amount..

    Heres a formula which in theory should tell you the ideal twist for a certain head or VV.

    Twist = 150 X D2/L

    D = bullet diameter in inches
    L= bullet length in inches
    150 = a constant

    (if the MV is above 3500fps then substitute the constant of 150 for 180..)

    Also, what may interest is the optimum RPM for stability in your rifle.. heres a good link which links to a good calculator..

    Calculating Bullet RPM Bulletin
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    Tryed a few diffrant makes for my .243.
    It did not lick fedral or winchester finaley setteld on Remington core lock usually get 1" groups at 100m last lot i bought wear i think 22.00 per 20.
    Have shot roe, red & sika with them with out any trouble.


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    Thanks gents
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    I have the same rifle and it didn't like Federal at all, eventually settled for Sierra 100 grain Pro hunter over Vhit 160, 41 grains and a CCI primer. It shoots 1 inch groups at 100yds all day long, good enough for me.


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    May I suggest you try some ammunition with flat based bullets instead of the boat tails it might just do the trick.

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    Try something with a flat bottom- 100gr is pushing it for a 1:10 and a boat tail makes it worse (longer pill).

    But i doubt anything will notice a 5% weight loss - pill construction will play a much larger role

    Edit, BH got me while I was writing... What he said!
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    I have the same rifle and I have tried many different makes of factory loads, none of them group to a standard that I am happy with.

    I have decided to go for a lighter bullet and I have sub .5 MOA groups.

    If you find sucess please please please let me know what bullets worked for you.

    I suspect its gonna be an expensive road to failure though mate.

    Please keep me informed.

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    will let you know.

    I'm prepping some 100gr home loads and will see how they perform
    Below is a link to my website.
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    I had same problem with 243 federal 100 grain, in my Howa 1500. This started me down the reloading route once again, I eventually settled on using N 160 and 100 grain hornady soft points (flat base), now getting .75" groups at 100 yards, however this was not until after some considerable fiddling about with the seating depth, best accuracy.003" of the lands, I suspect that adjusting the seating depth on the federal factory loads may very well have improved accuracy dramatically (if you try this be very wary of excess pressure), but I have not tried it.

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