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Thread: G.M.K. adjustable butt plate

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    Question G.M.K. adjustable butt plate

    Right lads and lassies, I'm after a GMK dovetail adjustable butt plate, Ive just spent well over an hour trawling through the web and flea-bay looking for the above and all I can find is the bisley and GMK pimple and dimple type and they look unsightly to say the least, so if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be gratefully appreciated...cheers callie

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    Sweep6.5x55:- Just the thing I'm after, will be onto them first thing to-morrow, thanking you....callie

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    sweep6.5x55:- phoned S.S.S., spoke to danny the gaffer, and there's one on the way, cheers again ...callie

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