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Thread: Back from SA

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    Back from SA

    Hi All,

    Arrived back from South Africa this morning. Had 2 short hunting trips - 1 successful, the other not so. Still, it's not only about killing and being in the african bushveld was fantastic. I'll post some photos when i get a chnace to download them off the camera.

    I've got some details for an outfitter friend in SA too. I'll post some details for those who are interested once i get a chnace to collate it all!


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    Photos, article news etc, come along get them posted.

    Welcome back, glad you had a good time.


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    wellcome back sp4rkman
    glad yo had a good trip , can't wait to see the pics

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    Welcome back Sparky,
    show us the pictures then, we are all sitting comfortably, let the story begin.
    Good to have you back mate.

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