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Thread: BSA CF2 Set Trigger assy.

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    BSA CF2 Set Trigger assy.

    Okeydokey, now I know this maybe a long shot (no pun intended).
    Would anyone, perchance, have a single or double set trigger for a BSA CF2?
    I am resurrecting my fathers rifle that he left to me many years ago and it desperately needs a set trigger (I do all my hunting with set triggers, guess I am A set trigger whore!!!!). Any road up, thanks to all the gents I have been trading with! There are some genuine guys out there, makes a refreshing change.


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    John Knibbs has the new BSA set ups:-

    John Knibbs International, Hillside, Shawbury Lane, Shustoke, Warwickshire, B46 2RR t: 01675 481006 f: 01675 481984

    There you go. Sorry am not sure of the price but he does have them .

    Oh you do know that the BSA set up the front trigger is backwards and you push it forwards to set and the rear triiger fires unlike a lot of the stretch triggers set up used by continental makers. You can just see the trigger set up in this photo on my CF2 Stutzen:-

    Hope that helps.

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    Will give him a bell on Monday, cheers

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    Whoops i should have said they don't open Mondays. I tried that myself more than once.

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    ok will try Tuesday then!

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    I have a CF2 set trigger exactly as described.
    Unfortunately for you its on a CF2 and i woulnt part with it , its the dogs watsits
    good luck in your hunt though

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    As i said bogwelly no drama as John Knibbs has them in stock.

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    Glad to be of some assistance. I will be speaking to them later as I have to order the new CF2 barrel to go on this Monarch project. The Monarch barrel is now off

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    Thanks brithunter!

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