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Thread: 7x64 & 7mm 08 barrel length

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    7x64 & 7mm 08 barrel length

    Are there any barrel length considerations why deciding between these two (I like a handy gun although this wouldn't be moderated) To be used in Europe for everything up to, and including, boar. Non military calibres chosen for the benefit of the French.

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    I'd assume but could not back up the 708 will be better with a short barrel as it's based on the 308 case, which are not bad with short barrels. The 7x64 has a bigger case and I'd say you'd get more of a performance drop with a short barrel (20" right?). The 7x64 is basically a 280rem - itself a 30-06 necked down with basically 270 performance, and neither like short barrels.

    But for boar, especially driven, you may want to consider the 7x64 packs quite a bit more punch than the 708. But you probably already new that seeing as you're comparing them!
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    CZ have produced the "Battue" in 7x64 with a 20" barrel, there are several other european manufacturers who make a 20" barrel model too. I think a 22" would be my favourite to give the best compramise and to still be handy, if it's not going to be threaded. Just my unprofessional personal opinion.

    The reloading manuals, and a certain Mr Hawks mentions this, say that the 7x64 likes the longer/heavier bullets because of it's throat. I'm not sure but I know someone who uses a 7x64 with 140gn BT's on fallow to great effect, then swaps to 162gn Swift A-frames for boar. It works!

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    Thanks Guys, I think 7x64 is looking good. Although I suppose if considering 7mm 08 then .270 should be looked at, but I'm not sure if it's boar legal everywhere?

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    The bullet selection in .284"/7mm is much better than that in .277"/.270 ............................................ just a thought .

    Oh BTW my .270's have either 22" barrel or 20". all are BSA's and that's the lengths they came in.

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    Thanks for the info Brithunter; I guess the reverse is true for over the counter factory ammunition?

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    Hmmm don't know as although i already use a 7x57 the only factory ammo I have used through it was some RWS 175 grn H-Mantle I picked up and it hammers Roe. The 7mm 115 grn HP from Speer works very well on beasts. Gitano has used the bullet an awful lot in his 7x300 wildcat and I think cariboo would be possibly a bit larger than our Reds?

    I do have some Remington Bulk 175 grn pointed bullets but have not used them as yet but it's possible that our choice of ammunition is hindered here in the UK by importers lack of foresight and even possibly interest. they know that if you need it and it's all they offer it's what you will HAVE to buy. Hornady even load this cartridge now as do most of the European makers but finding some on your local shops shelf may not be that easy. You might find it in some areas/regions and in others none at att. The 25-06 is a bit like this as well I have found................. Oh yes and don;t discount the US copy the .280 Remington .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bestman View Post
    Thanks Guys, I think 7x64 is looking good. Although I suppose if considering 7mm 08 then .270 should be looked at, but I'm not sure if it's boar legal everywhere?
    The 7X64 would be an excellent choice for your purpose and as someone else stated preferably with the 22inch barrel.
    RWS make ideal bullets for your purpose in 11.2gram [173grain] H Mantel Copper Hollowpoints and 11.5gram [177grain] Original Brenneke TIG.
    For longer range sniping the 10.5gram [123grain] Cone Point would serve your purpose well.
    Incidentally the 7X64 was developed by Wilhelm Brenneke in 1917 so it has been around for quite a long time.

    I started my stalking career with a Merkel 7X65R O/U double rifle in 1961 and shot 6 species of Deer and a Chamois with the 11.2gram [173grain] roundnose softpoint bullet.
    When I re-loaded for it I used the Speer 130grain bullets and found that when the bottom barrel was sighted in for 100yds the top barrel shot 3inches high on the target so I effectively had TWO rifles on one stock and used the bottom barrel for woodland work and the top one for mountain stalking.


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    If you are still considering 7mm-08 I have a Custom Remington 700 shortened from 24" to 22". From tests I have found, the 7mm-08 calibre will lose approx 30fps per inch from 24" down to 20" - below 20" the percentage loss of velocity increases. Faster calibres will supposedly lose more velocity in that barrel length range.
    As for accuracy a shorter barrel would be stiffer and may even improve accuracy!
    From personal experience with the 7mm-08 it has proven to be an excellent performer on Reds, Fallow, Roe and Muntjac (and a Fox or two). A real all-rounder that leaves my .243 in the shade and and what was my .308 (until I changed the barrel to 7mm-08) slightly dated! I't's also on the list as a Wild Boar calibre which I also have it for but not tried - yet.
    Factory ammunition ranges from 120g to 150g and if loading your own can go up to 175g. All ammunition I've tried is superbly accurate to less than 1/2"@100yards.
    In relation to the .270 which one of my deer management team uses there is little difference in performance, however the 7mm-08 is softer shooting and being a short action more compact and handier.
    Personally I very much doubt any species mentioned will know the difference between 7x64, 7mm-08 or .270! I'd just choose a rifle that you feel comfortable with.
    Good luck!

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    Thanks Deer man, actually just an extra barrel I'll be getting for my .308 Mauser M03, nothing wrong with the .308 apart from the fact the French don't like it. I wonder whether the 150 grain factory ammunition would be acceptable for boar everywhere?

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