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Thread: cz601 trigger

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    cz601 trigger

    i have 2 601s both with the set trigger. one is ok but the other was so dangerously light that i just screwed the adjustment screw in so the set could not be engaged.
    has anyone got any info on fettling this trigger unit?

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    Edgar Bros used to have a factory trained Gunsmith as they were the importers. not sure since the changes there if this is still the case but would be worth a call.

    This screw are you talking about the one in the bolt way?

    I took the sett trigger off mine when it was new so have never actually used it but this does sound a bit odd to me.

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    I had a 601 with the set trigger. As i recall the adjustment is done with the screw on the side of the trigger. Only fiddled with mine once but it was quite easy to get a good trigger pull. A querky trigger but i must say i liked useing it.

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    thats right, screw in side of trigger. i might just take it off and have a tinker, when it was working ok the let off was nice and light and crisp but not dangerous.

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    OK check the screw in the bolt way from the top. That adjusts the sear engagement. It's the only adjustment you have when you replace the set with the std curved blade. I might even have the leaflet Edgars sent me but it's files in the garage and I have to climb over the furniture tor each it.

    Oh removing the sett trigger is easy.............getting it back not so as two leaf springs come out. I have them in front of me as i type this and the new set blade arrangement.

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    I think that I have a single blade trigger for this rifle somewhere. If it's any use I will bung it in the post. Dog ate my 601 18 years ago! JC

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